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    Someone showed me this trailer today and I've gotta say, this looks like a game I would love to play.

    Graphics look nice, but not too super amazing that I can't play it. Reminds me of tales of symphonia for some reason too. Looks like it has good combos and skills, as well as a fast attacking sword user. Happy about that since I hate slow one handed swordsman classes, and same reason I like martial arts/knife classes.

    Since we won't be getting Mystic Fighter for like a year, I'm happy this game is coming out now.

    Open Beta is August 30th if you want to try it.

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    That's a scythe at around one minute, right? seems to be separate from the character .

    Not sure if want.

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    No scythes in this game bro, but I think they are still developing classes, so you never know. I think they have a thief class they're making, but it won't be available in OBT

    I THINK. Read it in a youtube comment, so you never know

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    Looks interesting enough. Probably will try it out assuming I remember when it opens up.

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    Open beta in 6 days, less than a week ^o^

    Found a gameplay video that I thought was really cool.

    I don't normally like range characters, but this class looks sick. His auto attacks look really nice, and the skills look even better.

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    OBT starts in 2 hours.
    Looking forward to playing this game a lot.

    PS: About the scythe question, that class is Dark Warrior. He uses a sword ('Quick Edge') but some of his skills have scythe influences, like the Death Reaper one in the trailer.

    Oh and here is the website link if anybody happens to be interested.

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    Stopped updating cause no one else seemed interested, but here is the obt counter if anyone still cares o 3o

    I like how sp changes the url and the word on the countdown website to peaches

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    Gonna have to do the game download overnight, so won't be able to play until tomorrow.

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    I played a bit yesterday as a Gunslinger. Wasn't too fond of it, but I didn't get too far in, just to level 4. I really wanna get to level 10 though, where the jobs branch out.

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    Yea the game gets much more exiting when you can actually play around with several skills. Level 10 is definitely that first bench mark. But level 20 and 25 is when gameplay starts to get amazing. I'm currently level 27 Duelist and I love the game :o But I can see how one would dislike it.



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