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Thread: Wee missiles

  1. Basic2 Wee missiles

    Finally finished this after a month of on and off random scrawling on my tablet, first time doing a background too ^^


    also @Frostilyte i am so sorry but i cant seem to draw heads/faces/people for crap ;-;, due to my stupidity in doing the face last (which is what ive seen a lot of BETTER artists do first) ill remake the drawing of your character which i promised months ago >:U

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    Default Re: Wee missiles

    He has a bad aim.

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    Whoa, that is really good. Very nicely done! :O

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    That's badass.

  5. Default Re: Wee missiles

    Only thing I'd note is the closest missile is significantly far behind the apparent mecha that launched it. Otherwise everything looks fantastic.

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    the robot must be, like, real big:

    oh and:

    i presume it shoots missiles from its back.?

    anyways the coloring's nice

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    Thanks guys for the feedback and uh regarding the missles O.o
    Just like Nexon I chose to not bother explaining where they came from on Xenon , probably not the best corporation to follow in terms of procedure/explainingthings/logic though.

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    It looks really nice :) I thought it was real at first then I scrolled down. Still really good :D



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