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  1. Default My Beauty Coupon Experience

    As you all know, we have the Beauty Coupon Event running. I figured I could try to get my new Kanna to look nice by farming quite a bit of these and testing my luck to see if I get what I wanted. Well, me and a friend did, so I filmed it! You'll have to wait until the end to see if it was bad or good. :)

    How were your runs, everyone?

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    Default Re: My Beauty Coupon Experience

    I liked how well edited this was.
    And the reactions were pretty funny.

    Bloody Clown was the funniest part. congrats on getting that combo at the end.

  3. Default Re: My Beauty Coupon Experience


    *gets cornrows*

  4. Default Re: My Beauty Coupon Experience

    Nice ending, off into the sunset. Lots of wat.

  5. Default Re: My Beauty Coupon Experience

    Heh, thanks guys. Yeah, me and my friend are just naturally pretty crazy together so I thought I'd just keep it that way in the video. I'm now motivated more than ever to play my new Kanna since it came out so nice.



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