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  1. Default Empress entry limit per week

    Since ems finally fixed empress (took them 2 months) Im gonna start to farm her for profit but I need to know something about entry limits (basicly to figure out what 2x card would be the best)

    1. On which day of the week does empress limit clear count reset?
    2. At what point does it count as a clear? 2nd knights or 1st knights?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Empress entry limit per week

    Empress doesn't reset on any specific day; it resets after your second clear for the week. For example, if you ran on Monday and then again on Wednesday, it would reset the following Wednesday.

    The run counts as a clear as soon as you kill one v2.

    That's how it works in GMS at least, not sure if it would be the same in EMS/other versions.

  3. Default Re: Empress entry limit per week

    We copy pasted a lot of GMS stuff so Im pretty sure its exactly the same, seeing how her genesis move doesnt 1hko in EMS either.

    Thanks for reply.



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