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    Recently I got my hands on this computer, which is pretty old but should be good enough to run maplestory. It has an Intel Core 2 duo of 1.8 Ghz/ 2MB Cache and RAM of 2MB DDR2. I tested maplestory on it and it runs but very laggy. Since it had no graphics card I decided to install one on it. This is what I got:

    The thing is I still am getting this damn frame lag everywhere, walking, training, Free market entrance Ch 1, etc. The lag has gone down compared to when I had no GC, but after going from 128Mb of integrated graphics to 2GB DDR3 shouldn't I be getting no lag whatsoever? The specs of this comp are above those recommended by Nexon to play MS (specially in graphics).

    So what do you think is going on? Do I need to configurate the graphics card? do I need to update drivers? do I need more RAM?. If you need any more info I will try to provide it, I might record a video and upload it here later to show what I'm refering to.

    Your help is appreciated

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    From what I can gather, that's not a very good card, but it should be more than enough for Maplestory. That said, I'll periodically experience minor issues even on top end hardware (the game takes longer to boot up than windows 7 with both of them on an SSD). If I had to guess, it's that the processor isn't good enough, you've got too much ram taken up by random system processes, or random programs/firewall crap is causing you issues. I know some firewalls/antivirus programs really hate blackcipher, which'll cause stuttering. What operating system are you using? Also, what cpu/memory usage are you at with Maplestory running?

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    What OS are you using?
    This might be due your RAM is being sucked by Windows paging.
    Try to upgrade your RAM and your processor.

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    I think you should get a cpu with a higher speed but I probably don't know as much as these other guys.

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    for safe measures, use a temperature monitoring program. last thing you want is a cpu to throttle due to overheating

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    This comp has windows XP 32 bits and while running MS It doesn't consume more than 1 GB of RAM. Since I wont be using it for anything but MapleStory and browsing a few pages I uninstalled the antivirus and disabled the firewall. While I run MS I run nothing else and the lag is there even when I turn on the comp after hours off.

    As a way of testing it I installed League of Legends on it last night and guess what? I can run the game in high quality graphics without any issue. I know League of Legends isn't a graphics heave game either, but if it can run in high graphics without problem like heck MapleStory should run aswell.

    This lag seems to be related to the internet somehow. The frame drops whenever I loot and kill monsters, also earned medals notification cause this spike (like the bottomless bag one), the more I loot or the more monsters I kill at a time, the bigger the spike. Because of this I ran a small test, I turned off my modem while I was still attacking monsters and the lag goes down almost totally. Because of this I decided to format the PC and upgrade every driver, specially the ethernet one. I hope this works because I'm running out of ideas.

    I will be uploading videos about it tomorrow. My internet is slow so its taking a lot of time to do right now.

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    Yeah, it sounds to me like it's some kind of software/networking issue that's causing you problems. I would recommend completely disabling windows firewall, try playing Maplestory without any kind of firewall installed, and DMZ your computer's IP address if you're using a router.

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    Sorry I took so long to post the videos I mentioned.

    This is the frame lag when the internet is working normally

    And this is it when I turn off my modem.

    I still havent had the chance to format my comp and update drivers as I said. Any ideas of what could be causing this?
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    xenon's missiles are what causes it
    they're ridiculously processor intensive for no damn reason

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    That's not it, I used my Xenon because with Bean Dance the problem is most evident, but I play a dual blade aswell and it gets the same issue.

    This lag seems to happen whenever a kill or a loot is registered by the system. The more of these at a time, the bigger the spike.

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    Do you get this FPS drops even with minimun resolution?

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    That solves nothing. It's still as laggy on low graphics.

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    The game is CPU dependent, so having a graphics card won't help much since most of the rendering and calculation is done on the processor. So one way to speed up the game is to get a processor with a higher frequency. Doesn't help that the game is single threaded so having more cores won't help.

    PS: I have a AMD Phenom II X6 2.6GHz and it really sucks at running maple and many other single threaded games like Runescape.

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    Meh... I dont really get how maple is processed by a computer but maybe that explains why I don't lag when my internet is off, only when the kill is registered. Although I don't get either how the kill being registered by the servers lags my comp too.

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    Not really an expert on this, but I think it's because when the mob dies, it has to play its death animation, its entity removed from memory, not to mention the respawn timer that runs all the time on the map.

    Take what i said above with a pinch of salt though.



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