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  1. Question Demon Avenger Storyline Quest

    I was wondering if Demon Avenger has the same quest line as Demon Slayers. Currently I'm in ToT and iirc in Memory Lane 4-5 you meet up with orca and then hunt emblems from the ToT mobs. On my Demon Avenger however, I saw this hooded person in Memory Lane 4-5 and I didn't receive any futher quests.

    Am I missing something or does the questline stop there


  2. Default Re: Demon Avenger Storyline Quest

    That quest was removed afaik from Demon Slayer after DA was released. Many of DS' quests should have been updated to match DA's due to the new story line of the hooded individual (would say his/her name but I don't know if you know who he/she is lol).



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