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  1. Default Hi, I'm Collofit

    Hello everyone,
    after years of lurking I'm finally going to register
    I'm on Maple since 2005 or 2006, don't actually remember, but with a lot of long hiatuses (I'm just a casual player after all). Resumed playing like a week ago after a long (one year more or less) break, and I found my guild (and the whole italian community both on GMS and EU) basically dead, they moved on other games I guess. I still like Maple with his goods and bads soooo I hope to meet interesting people and new friends here

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    Hi collofit n welcome to SP

    Nice to see more pallies

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    Ah pallies. Welcome aboard!

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    do you happen to know @Combattente; ?

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    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

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    Welcome to Southperry! Your avatar looks dashing btw.

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    Hello Collofit! I'm the admin of the italian MapleStory community, and I'm obviously italian like you.

    Now, I won't speak italian here because that'd be disrespectful to the other members. But I want to tell you this: I'm very sad about the fate of the italian community, but apparently most italians don't find this game interesting anymore.

    I couldn't really do much to avoid its death. I didn't even have much time (nor motivation) to dedicate to the site, actually. The recent lack of interest in MapleStory which I noticed in the italian community didn't help, either. Right now, I really don't see any good reason to keep posting updates and dedicating a lot of my free time (it took several hours a week) to the site.

    Nevertheless, I'm planning to keep the site running for another year or two and see how it goes. If nobody seems to be interested in this game anymore, I'll just definitively close the site or give the administration to someone else.

    In any case, a big welcome to Southperry!

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    Welcome to Southperry!

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    Lies! LIES! I call lies. I demand the DNA test!

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    I should try a pala next time, seems fun.
    Anyway, welcome to SP!

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    Thanks everyone! (especially pallies)


    Ciao Comba :D I'm Pdflk on the italian forums, even if I didn't write often there I know them and you well ;) (my first guild was Tamago, and when I went in FBItaly, ages ago!)
    I guess that Maple had a golden age around the opening of MS EU for us italians, and then a sum of things (splitting people between two versions, lack of advertisement, new games coming out, real life tasks) led to today. I for myself quitted I don't know how many times. It just happens really.

    *discovers Combattente is his father



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