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  1. Default Champ idea I had

    Was thinking about how it would be cool to have a champion who had a double edged polearm weapon who could twirl it around him as an attack, then this happened.

    Feng the Hurricane
    Range : 125~150

    Passive: Double Sided

    After damaging an enemy with a basic skill, Feng's next auto attack will have an enhanced effect.

    Q: Impale
    Feng thrusts his weapon in a line in front of him, stunning enemies hit for 0.5 seconds.

    Feng can cast the ability again to turn and stab enemies in front of him with the opposite end of his weapon, slowing enemies hit. If it hits, Feng's next auto attack will do increased damage and increase his attack speed.

    W: Whirlwind Dance

    Feng twirls his weapon around him, removing all slows from himself and increasing his move speed by a %. Can be cast during Dragon Dance.

    E: Whirlwind Slash:
    Feng jumps and spins quickly, sweeping the ground upon landing and slowing enemies hit.
    If this skill hits an enemy, for Feng's next auto attack he will spin while holding his weapon outwards, creating a vortex around him that sucks in all enemies it comes in contact with once, then slowing the enemies who remain in the vortex.

    R: Dragon Dance
    Feng twirls his weapon around his body in a rapid motion, creating sharp winds that flow around him while spinning. This skill deals continuous damage and Feng can move while the skill is being used.

    Whirlwind Dance can be cast while Dragon Dance is in use.

    His autos wouldn't be random, but a string of attacks like aatrox, just to make it look like he is actually dancing with his weapon

    I think it would be a cool idea for another combo based champ who can keep you interested while fighting. thoughts etc?

  2. Default Re: Champ idea I had

    Darius and J4 had some serious mansex and this happened. Cool ideas, but he has a vac, stun, two slows, aoes AND enhanced aa. I'd rather not have this champ.

  3. Default Re: Champ idea I had

    Seems interesting, but also kind of crazy for a tanky dps sort of thing.

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    Default Re: Champ idea I had

    His Q and E have too many bonuses/effects. Go for stun/slow or AD/AS not both in one.

    Seems like a decent idea

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    Default Re: Champ idea I had

    Either change Q or W use from ult and I think it'll be good.
    Reminds me of

  6. Default Re: Champ idea I had

    The Q and E combine for no counterplay whatsoever. If you hit the first part of Q (I don't think line stuns are balanced either) then you kill the target guaranteed. Imagine if Darius' Q stunned everything it hit. Guarantees the hook goes off. Same concept here. You can't have both of these spells on one champion.

  7. Default Re: Champ idea I had

    The was probably unnecessary with the w he has, but not really sure what to put there. And I want to keep the combo aspect of him with his q. I didn't think too hard about what will be broken and what's not that broken. If anything, if he had q and ult and the other skills were something completely different I wouldn't care that much. Just thought it would be cool to have a champion with a polearm type weapon who does cool techniques with it unlike xin (poke poke poke poke poke spin poke poke).

    I was going to add the combo thing on to both skills, originally it was that he had 400 range and attacking in melee would do increased damage, but that would be broken kind of and anything that is melee/range reminds me of jayce/elise and scares me.

    But yea, I have no real idea for E so I decided to try and make a super combo with e + ult, but I don't care if it's there or not
    And I made w do what it did cause I didn't think he'd need more damage, and since he's melee he would need some help vs those ranged carries -cough vayne+bork- so there's that.

    I was thinking he could twirl his weapon like an actual windmill and make a line skill shot, but I couldn't think of an effect for it, since w already gives move speed, or else it'd be like galio's e. It could slow enemies like aatrox e, or maybe like lucian's w he gains speed when he attacks them, but yea nothing to really add.

  8. Default Re: Champ idea I had

    If you want to keep the Q it has to be a slow first and something that stuns the first unit hit on the second cast to make it some kind of escapable. It would probably need a longer cooldown than the cooldown between Rumble's tasers because it's a stun.



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