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    Default [Kickstarter]Project Phoenix Discussion

    came across this kickstarter while browsing tomshardware's news page. Looked like a very interesting project overall, being developed by several AAA named developers together for this so called "indie" project under the company Creative Intelligence Art Inc.

    For a quick Summary of what it is:

    Game itself has already passed its minimum budget line, refer to the page to see the artists/director/composers in the project, for instance, Nobuo Uematsu(e.g FF1-10, SSBB Main theme) is composing the music

    My thoughts: the games concept art looks great, the only disheartening fact was this

    what are your thoughts about this so called "indie" game

  2. Default Re: [Kickstarter]Project Phoenix Discussion

    I'm considering contributing to this Kickstarter.

    About the release date: Most of the kickstarter rewards include Alpha or at least Beta access, so the estimated release date isn't really a big deal in my opinion.



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