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  1. Default 3 Line Bonus Pot

    I was fortunate to get 2 bonus lines on my Controller (reg pot was 12 atk, bonus pot was also 12 atk :D) when i was hitting 120. I've always been curious because Nexon butchers the text is it possible for the Awakening Stamps(50%) or the Gold/Silver Awakening Carvers to add a 3rd line?

  2. Default Re: 3 Line Bonus Pot

    I believe Nexon changed the names of those that add Bonus Potential lines to "Potential Slot Carvers".

    Since the text says 1 or 2 existing Bonus Potentials, I'll assume you can add a 3rd Bonus Potential line. I haven't tested them to see if they really do add a Bonus Potential line and not a Regular.

    However, I did tried this stamp below and it added a Regular Potential line and not a Bonus:

  3. Default Re: 3 Line Bonus Pot

    Also had the same problem with 2 line add. pot.

    I had an orange one, which looks the same as the 3rd blitz posted, but was 100% (from old hottime). It still said (in EMS) it can be used on an item with LESS THAN 2 lines to add an additional line. I just tried it and worked, 3 lined now ^_^. For add pot you need the lightblue-silver, lightblue-gold or the orange carver. The darkblue-silver/gold are both for normal potential.

  4. Default Re: 3 Line Bonus Pot

    Ya thanks I misread it, after you posted it, Its a lot clearer than I originally read it. Got +6 atk on the Controller ^__^ thanks for the help



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