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  1. Default Nexon's Ban Definitions

    These were updated and are now just hilarious...

    A few in particular stood out:

    Gibberish Names Comprised of or includes gibberish (e.g., "Akdnvprq) = 28 days ban
    A 212 Hero by the IGN of "F2bi2n" was banned due to his 7 year old IGN stood for a name that went unnoticed.
    Another by the IGN "GrownAssBaby" banned (Apparently Nexon has the maturity tolerance for ages up to 5 only).
    There are also no ways of changing your IGN, unless provided somehow.

    Benefitting from hackers- Up to permanent ban
    Not even sure where to start with this one. Is it the player's responsibility to be aware of every aspect of this game? If this rule applied fairly, most of the community would fall under a ban as most of us do "benefit" from hackers or have in some way in the past.

    Trading/selling NX/Cash shop items = States verbal warning but some players have received week/month long bans.
    The hypocrisy in this one is just overwhelming.

    Rest of the ban definitions


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    Oh oops, I must've missed it. Didn't see a thread in this section.

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    "For example, any Cash Shop items, always be careful when buying those."

    Guess I won't be going into Cash Shop any time soon.

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    Yes, this is the reason I don't buy cubes. I'm afraid I'll catch the banhammer for it. It's totally not because I feel like there are better ways to spend my money or anything.

    But the added peace of mind certainly helps!



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