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  1. Default Inner Ability not working

    So I have honor level 4, and yet my inner ability is still locked, all 3 lines.

    I got to level 3 using medals of honor from Zakum drops, so I'm not sure if that's the problem here. If that is the problem, then this is the worst programming I've ever seen. How is it that you're free to get honor from stuff outside of Azwan for levels 3-29, 31-69 and 71 onward, yet 2/30/70 MUST be leveled up from Azwan as the exp source and nowhere else? What kind of bullpomegranate is that? So what, now my inner ability is locked for all eternity?

    As I was trying to gain honor exp form Azwan to rectify the problem, I just simply keep crashing at the end of every damn round. At one point I crashed and got the "you're still logged in even though you're not" glitch you see in every private server ever, at which point I said pineapple it and went to play League.

    If there any way I can get my inner ability to unlock? None of the Azwan npcs are helping...

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    Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    Uhm, sorry to burst your bubble but you get inner ability for free now. You got to be a certain level and by 3rd job, you'll have all 3. You gain honor EXP from Honor Badges dropped by monsters.

  3. Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    If this is GMS, then Honor level has nothing to do with your inner ability. It sounds like you are ignoring your light bulbs. You get 3 lightbulb quests that give you your inner ability lines.

  4. Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    Honor level does nothing right now. You will get a light bulb quest from maple admin when you reach the right character levels (I think lv30 is the first line). Accept the quest and more lines will be unlocked.

  5. Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    Oh crap, really? because I always ignore those since it's always low level crap I don't need. Okay, I guess I'll go unlock those there then.

    I haven't played in a while so I didn't know they revamped Azwan.

  6. Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    No, its not. There are plenty of important lightbulb quests (like the lv160 rumor that lets you enter the dream future). and it really doesnt take much time to check or accept/decline them. They didnt revamp Azwan,they changed the honor system, Azwan still works the same mostly. Also, pretty sure this was in the patch notes, not to mention people discussing it when it came to kms and gms.

  7. Default Inner Ability not working

    Thread title about a (false) bug.

    Puts it in maple discussion.

  8. Default Re: Inner Ability not working

    For future reference, you receive the quests to unlock your Inner Ability lines at 30, 50, and 70 (character level, not honor level).



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