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  1. Default Normal Magnus Loot

    I've killed him three times now and I've only received coins from him.

    What are the drop rates for Nova equipment?

  2. Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    Very low for such a tough boss.

  3. Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    Very low. I still receive nothing but coins most of the time even on 4.2x drop.

  4. Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    Killed him during early release with my phantom. In about the number of coins it took me to just get a nova shoe, I gotten 2 nova capes from him. This includes me doing daily quests too, never bothered ever again after all that effort and because he became such a ***** later on. I have killed him still afterwards, but its not worth the effort.

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    Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    Still struggling here.

  6. Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    People say that if you get 1 nova equip per week of killing you are considered pretty lucky.

  7. Default Re: Normal Magnus Loot

    Really common

    warrior cape
    warrior shoe
    thief shoe
    thief cape
    thief cape

    From about 20 runs.

    But yea that's really lucky. I haven't gotten anything from him for about 4-5 days.



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