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Thread: Guess the song

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    Default Guess the song

    We need a new shenanigans game.
    So write one single line (or two) from a song and the next person must guess what song is it.
    Then that persone will write another line from another song.
    Obviously no google.

    Here it goes:
    City's breaking down on a camelís back.
    They just have to go 'cos they don't hold back

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    Default Re: Guess the song

    Starting at 0:50.

    We should add the YouTube video as well so people can see it play.

    Here's my take:
    Welcome to the new age, welcome to the age...

  3. Default Re: Guess the song

    Radioactive. Don't remember the band's name.

    EDIT: Forgot to actually list some lyrics! How about...

    "The green plastic watttterring can..."

  4. Default Re: Guess the song

    Sorry to break away from a topic, but I was just listening to that last night. If only I found out about this thread sooner



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