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Thread: Host Migrated

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    We've moved to a newer hopefully more stable home.

    As things tend to break on these moves please note any such issues here.

    Existing issues:
    1. Locked's account to upload extractions isn't working yet, To Be Resolved ASAP.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    ok, tried posting a quote, and every time i try it, it gives me a blank page and the post doesn't go through.

    tried in this very thread, and on this one:

    the quote had also a personal notification, and 2 pictures

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    I can't seem to make a thread in the angry dome or post in my Open Canvas thread. Chrome gives me a server error and IE just gives me a broken HTTP page.

    It may be because both posts had pictures..

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    Other than loosing my avatar, which I already updated, I have no problems so far.
    I just wanted to post to say that I'm glad it's back and it was nice to join you guys on IRC channel, even if it was just a couple minutes :)

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    Getting the same here, except that I was trying to post a reply in the Maplestory Discussion section and the post includes a photobucket link.

    Got Server Error 500 on both chrome and Maxthon(Webkit core).

  6. Neutron

    IGN: shootDaFokUp
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    I can't seems to edit my post.

    EDIT: Test

    EDIT2: I can edit this one, but not any other ones in older thread.

    EDIT3: When I edit older post, it will give me blank page like ShinkuDragon said in #2

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    Trying to post in the level up thread with a screenshot (possibly all posts with images?) doesn't work, it says "The page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have already entered may not be saved." Clicking leave page goes to a blank page, clicking stay on page doesn't do anything and in both outcomes nothing is posted.

    Same as Shinku's problem, but with images instead of quotes I guess. Possibly all 'extra' features don't work? images/quotes/videos etc

    Nope, just tried posting a video in the 'currently listening to' thread and that worked.
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    There's something wrong with posts involving images. Just tried to post on the "Funny SS" thread, Opera gave me "remote server not found".

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    testing testing...

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    Gonna try to upload the image post now.
    Result: failed. Still gives me "remote server not found".

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    testing ala plebe

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    Think most of that should be resolved now, we were compiled missing a module that only impacted ajax.

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    Yep, it's alright now. Thanks!



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