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  1. Default My Jett Revamp Idea

    Lately, I've been working on a revamp for Jett, deciding to make it into a more original job, instead of a knockoff of pirates. After working on it for a while, I feel I have finalized it, so here it is. I had a little help in making this, credits to them are on the bottom.

    Core's Power:

    And now the skill overview:
    Beginner and 1st job:

    2nd job:

    3rd job:

    4th job:


    Character Card

    Story updated. Incomplete, but still a decent amount completed

    Credits go to @KillerZero, @Blunderr, and @StormFury for tips and ideas for this. If I forgot anyone, you know who you are, and your tips are appreciated.

    Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.
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  2. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    I have never had ANY interest in playing Jett until now. I'd worship this class. It's like Xenon with proper lasers (not lolbucckamehameha) and a nice, useful link skill that doesn't require expensive maintenance.

    Nexon, seriously, just do this.

    @Aurtax, ya hear? Be a dear and pass this along to Mother Korea if you have the time <3

  3. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Thanks for the kind words.
    It would be nice to see it implemented in the game, even though I doubt it would.
    Sucks that barely anyone's checking it out though.

  4. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Finally it sees the light of day xD now i need to get to work on my ideas for that one class :C

  5. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Any other comments or thoughts are welcome.

    Let me know when you finish with it.

  6. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    swear people dont even know this part of the forum even exists ._. Still good job izzy

  7. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Reworded the description of Core's Pinnacle (level 150 Hyper). Now, it says that it doesn't decrease your charges or your damage range.

  8. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Changed the names of two skills:
    Magnetic Rifles is now called Tractor Beam Rifles
    Rifle Repel is now called Repulsor Beam Rifle

    Still accepting thoughts.
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  9. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Great idea for the revamp. I LOVE it!

    I have some suggestions...

    JETT should have a different effect in Character Card... instead of adding time to summons, why they won't add an increase of Mastery?
    B - 2%
    A - 3%
    S - 4%
    SS - 5%

    Also changing the class of the JETT as a "Cerberus" race instead to being considered as an Adventurer would be ideal to see. The race from JETT would have loads of potential....

  10. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Well, I wasn't really putting Character Cards as a high priority, but sure. Summon duration sucks IMO anyway. As for Cerberus, they'd probably have to give Jett a new character ID due to it not being classified as an adventurer. But that's another story.
    To be honest, I wish for a different planet name than Cerberus. I don't like thinking of three-headed demon dogs whenever I think of Jett. I'd change it but I don't want to retcon it too much.

  11. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    In favor for changing jetts character card, just why mastery? TBH if any class should have mastery in there character card, it should be phantom.

  12. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    I see Phantom as having LUK or Critical, not really Mastery tbh.
    Jett's bonus shall be: 2/4/6/8% chance of dealing an additional hit on multihit skills. For single hit skills, 2/4/6/8% chance to deal 20% extra damage

  13. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Why Phantom?

  14. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Well, in my mind, phantom is a person whose "mastered" using other people weapons as well and using there stolen skills(even if it is stealing, u still need to understand the basics of how the skill work) which in a sense is a mastery of its own.

    So a class that steals other classes skills and has mastery over them would it not be appropriate for him to lend other classes some of his mastery in character card?

    Really thats my train of logic when it comes to that

  15. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Made some Jett changes:

    Agile Body: Now applies to accuracy + avoidability. Note: It only applies to base stats and passive skills. That means active skills and items such as Maple Warrior and Sniper/Dexterity Pills will have no effect on the critical damage.
    Anti-Gravity Bomb:Damage changed from 50% every second for 20 seconds to 50% every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
    Carbon Fiber Rope: Name changed to Chrome Whip, description modified.
    Keen Sense: Now increases accuracy and avoidability by 750 and 250, respectively.
    Achilles Heel: Now increases avoidability by 250, accuracy increased to 750.
    Maple Warrior: New name changed from Cosmic Hunter to Hunter of Cerberus.
    New: Gunsight: Attaches a gunsight to your weapon, allowing you to focus more on enemies and fire stronger shots at them. Passively increases accuracy and avoidability. This skill can be toggled on and off.
    Removed: Ion Beam
    Removed: Anti-Gravity Assault
    New: F.S. Starfall: Call upon your spaceship, the F.S. Starfall, to launch a flurry of missiles at enemies.
    Eternal Gratitude: Name changed to Cosmic Hunter, description modified

  16. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Added icons for the Core Expert skills.
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  17. Default Re: My Jett Revamp Idea

    Glad to see the changes made.



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