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  1. Cash1 [Remake] Spelunky out on steam now!

    For anyone who likes 2D rogue-like games.

    This game is extremely brutal and you will spend endless hours trying to get the achievements.
    (100% sure nobody here will get all of them all anyway)

    The game was released years ago for free on
    Download link:

    Do you like it? Get the renewed version on steam with tons of new characters, items and levels.

    If you have this game, please post screenshots, highscores or anything you want to show really.
    Need some advice on the game? Ask me, I know almost everything about it.

    - Extremely hard.
    - Random generated levels.
    - Amazing animations.
    - Hours and hours of playing garantueed.
    - Did I mention it's freaking brutal?

    Store page with trailer:


  2. Default Re: [Remake] Spelunky out on steam now!

    I've waited for this to hit Steam. I've watched a few Twitch Streams of this game and it's insane.

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    Picked this up yesterday, as I have been eagerly waiting for this to release on Steam for a long time. It's so great.

    I just beat "final" boss for the first time, today. And I was pretty proud of my ranking on today's daily challenge--ranked 138 out of 7129 people.

    The only thing that sucks big time was that there is still no online co-op, which would've made this already great game even better...

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    Default Re: [Remake] Spelunky out on steam now!

    No kidding this game is brutal. it's incredibly unfair in a lot of ways. you can be doing amazingly well, killing every boss, grabbing a load of items, having 6+ HP and then just lose it all If you mis-time killing one enemy and it jumps all over you. Or you get caught in an explosion, or fall into the abyss, or fall onto some spikes, or fall too far.

    It's incredibly brutal. you can go from being untouched and powerful one second to being dead or very nearly dead by making a single mistake.

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    I can't believe how few people here are interested.
    Just managed to get to the haunted house unlocking the Van Helsing character.
    Also bought the cyclops in the Black Market.

    Also, protip: Do ghostruns.

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    I'm interested considering I used to play the original PC version a while back, but I ain't got no mannies.

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    Such a shame, i'll notify on here when there's a big discount or anything like that.
    It's def worth getting for sure!

    Also, just got three new characters. Meatboy, Viking and Mr Blue.



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