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  1. Default Disk E/Black Cipher error?

    Welp, fixed the disk error...however, the game still closes without any error.

    I recently bought a new desktop that came with windows 8. Upon downloading maple and starting up, I was met with the error report after black cipher had finished loading. Every time I start it up on Steam, the game window might pop-up for a second while hackshield+Black Cipher loads, but then I'm met with the same error report.

    I have:
    Re-downloaded Maple several times
    Downloaded Maple on steam
    Changed compatibility (though this makes it impossible for maple to run)

    Nothing I do has any effect. The only clue I have is that, occasionally, Black Cipher gives me an issue with the number 0x5d7c412a.

    It seems, however, that this issue does not occur on a laptop. I have had two with windows 8 (i recently replaced a not very old one.) and they both play maple with little to no issue.
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