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    This may sound completely insane but I think that Pokémon might be headed in the right direction. The reason I can make this claim is largely due to character development. For one thing, the series has some of the most experienced villains that I can think of in the form of the Team Rocket trio and it also helps that they have believable personalities. Ash's traveling buddies come and go but I cannot think of a single one of them that had a totally negative impact on the show. (at least as far as I could tell) Ash's pokemon get credit in this department because they managed to overcome tough situations even when they were weak, which eventually shows growth.

    And then there is the case of Ash himself. The only reason why it is acceptable for Ash to continue to make dumb choices (like checking the pokedex for creatures that he has already seen repeatedly) is because once upon a time, he also made good choices. In a bizzare way, Ash is similar to a real person due to him maturing over time but still being very capable of making mistakes. Because of all of this, I predict that the next season of the anime will be one of the better ones and possibly even surpass the first.

    Before that though, we must ponder the mystery of how the hero has not aged even though 5 generations have gone by. Personally I would like for it to be explained through a time loop or something similar but a much more boring answer is that time passes at a different rate in Ash's world. It may be that they live in a universe with multiple Christmas seasons and weather changes not based in reality. Theoretically it could be possible but I am sure that there are countless other explanations as well.

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    Ash doesn't age because 10yr olds love pokemon. At least that's what I was led to believe

    posting in a pikamemnon thread

    EDIT: I recently watched a couple episodes of pokemon with Cameron and I've gotta say I think I like him 100x more than Ash.

    He's funny to watch and not ONLY in a stupid way like ash is. Like when he doesn't know what to do he just snaps his headband against his head and then he has an idea.

    Also his partner is cooler, it evolves, and his pokemon don't suck (his secret weapon was a hydreigon)

    I mean ash had like oshawott pikachu and snivy still first form in the championships? (well pikachu obviously, but the other two) no wonder he lost to cameron 5v6

    I hope he actually gets some decent pokemon at least next season.

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    I appreciated the fact that Ash still stuck to using newer pokemon with each installment in the series (save for Pikachu) because I saw the choice as a way for him to put himself in a position where he needed to be flexible enough to adapt and maintain enough integrity to not default on some of his much older and more exp'ed pokemon (again save Pikachu). Even then, there were times when Pikachu got it's butt kicked and often I thought, "really.. god you should be roughly lv. 100 by now.. why are you fainting so easily?"

    As for the whole aging thing, I think the animator's and the company keep Ash the way he is to appeal to young audiences. Ash and Pikachu are engraved in the pokemon anime.

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    Pikachu loses to a level 5 snivy after arriving to unova due to being unable to use electric attacks(because some how electric attacks are needed to beat a grass pokemon)...
    Can it get any worse?

    Also loved unova team rocket for a while because they finally became good villains but then they ruin it, I wonder if there would be a market for a more mature pokemon anime with actual villains and other stuff.

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    Tracey was bloody awful

    I don't know about you guys but I feel that Ash certainly degraded when going from Sinnoh to Unova. I god, the pikachu losing to snivy thing is just the tip of the iceberg in his plethora of terrible battling choices. Yeah, as a person he is capable of making mistakes, but nobody with that much experience should be continuously making poor decisions.

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    I think that Ash had the best traveling companions this season, it's just ash himself was lame. Iris being a dragon master, and watching her trying to control/bond with dragonite was good. And the fact that there were so many rival characters in this season was nice. Made me want some of them to be the main hero instead (mainly Cameron like I said).

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    Yeah, that always annoyed me...

    Also, I miss Dawn

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    Damn, you're right. Ash really was lame in Unova.

    Cilan was quirky and fun at first, but his never-ending spew of cooking puns and whatnot made me dislike his character. Iris is better, but the over-usage of the phrase "You're such a kid" definitely tainted the good parts of her character, like when Iris and Excadrill worked things out, and Iris learning to work with Dragonite.

    A little more on topic: I think it's fine if Ash makes a mistake once in a while, but every time he reaches a new region, it's like he's forgotten everything that he's learned previously (although I can't say for sure how accurate this is for region changes besides Sinnoh -> Unova, because I don't remember much from most of the previous seasons).

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    Each time Ash checks the pokedex again for a pokemon he's already seen, does annoy me. But I think it might be since he hasn't seen that pokemon in a long time. I recall one episode Ash looked up Buizel and Corphish - two pokemon he owns, that's what I really can't stand.

    I don't think Ash ages at all (or very slowly. He looks a little older to me from the X & Y Anime Trailer a few weeks back) because the show is meant towards kids, and I can't see a (he'd be 26 [i]if[/b] we went by our years) 26 year old traveling the pokemon world collecting gym badges. So he doesn't age, or very slowly. He's likely in his teens.

    And whenever he reaches a new region, it's as if he forgets everything from past regions, or even some experiences... You'd think he'd learn from most of his mistakes.

    Pikachu would be near level 100 right now, or even over it, but each time Ash went to Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova something has happened to where Pikachu's electricity was reset/drained, or whatever you want to call it. But truthfully, he shouldn't be getting beaten by a Snivy that was just obtained from the Professor. Then again, Pikachu wasn't able to use any electric type moves due to Zekrom.

    I wasn't a fan of the Best Wishes series, then again I didn't like who he was traveling with. Very quickly with the Best Wishes series, I got tired of "It's Evaluation time" and "What a kid". Hopefully the new people Ash travels with won't be so bad... Or ya know, Brock could come back. I'd love to see him come back, I really enjoyed Brock.

    Also, Ash came in the top 4 in the Sinnoh League and the Top 8 for the Vetress Conference. He improved from Top 16 in Kanto to top 8 in Johto, then stayed at Top 8 for Hoenn, improved to Top 4 for Sinnoh, and then Top 8 for Unova...? Maybe Kalos will be Top 2 or 4. Or maybe he'll regress his placement again and go to Top 16.
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    27? lol

    Idk how many times he's gone for the championship things, but since there are like 6 regions wouldn't he still be in his teens? It's not like the anime goes with our years. o - o"

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    Oh no, I meant if it went by our years. He'd be roughly 27, since the anime came out in '97. But, we don't know what the anime goes by, and he doesn't age. He's probably in his teens yeah.

    Edit: My bad, he'd be like 26 and 4 months or something like that, if we went by our years.

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    There has been people around 30's at the leagues, also I don't understand whats with the thing of "if its a show for kids the lead has to be a kid, if its for men it has to be a man, women a woman" and so on, to me it makes no sense its like saying a little kid can't look up to a woman or a girl share views with a boy or a man connect with a girl(sick and tired of the overused kid leads in fantasy because its meant for kids)/rant.

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    Oh yea, and people saying they got tired of "evaluation time" and "you're such a kid", doesn't brock getting dragged off by the girls of the show/croagunk every time he hit on nurse joys get old? He did that for like 4 seasons lol. I totally got sick of that, I was hoping that eventually he'd be able to successfully hit on one without being interrupted and maybe start a relationship rofl, but I don't think it ever happened.

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    I'm still laughing at the fact that he lost the Sinnoh league because the guy had two legendaries. I mean, the anime is decent but I don't get why he rarely evolves his Pokemon. And it's not like he's amazingly pro with these unevolved Pokes because it still takes him two tries to beat a gym leader.

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    Yea, if the show showed some more evolved pokemon I would like it more. Another reason I miss May and her Blaziken + Eevee, and why I think Cameron is awesome lol

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    Default Re: Pokemon TV show theories

    I'm pretty sure that Mega Evolutions are being introduced to force Ash to get back some of his old fully evolved pokemon, inb4 Mega Charizard OHK everyone in the league.

  17. Default Re: Pokemon TV show theories

    Probably not.

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    I guarantee the first time ash meets a mega pokemon it's going to be a megablaziken that mega blaze kicks pikachu into orbit like team rocket.

    Ash's Pikachu shouldn't be allowed to even stare at a Mega pokemon unless that mega pokemon has mega destroyed like 3 other pokemon in a row and is fatigued or something.


  19. Default Re: Pokemon TV show theories

    Not sure where else to post this, but something called Pokemon Origins got confirmed. It features Red and Green. Which means no Ash. Which means hype. God I hope it's a new series.

  20. Default Re: Pokemon TV show theories

    This picture alone makes me feel that it's gonna be a sick show

    Badass fully evolved pokemon battles where people actually look like official trainers pls



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