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  1. Default Cassandra's Makeover event Question

    - Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left of the game window.
    - Each quest can only be completed once per account.
    - Different characters in an account can complete a different weeks Cassandra’s Makeover Mission.
    - Quest cannot be forfeited once obtained.
    - All items are permanent and untradeable.

    Can i char does all 4 wek quest?

  2. Default Re: Cassandra's Makeover event Question

    I don't know why I started laughing, but I think you accedently'd your sentence.
    No, you can accept the quest on a different character every week. So one character doesn't get all 4 quests. Or isn't forced to.

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    Default Re: Cassandra's Makeover event Question

    I think he's asking if you're allowed to do all four quests on the same char. And the answer is Yes.



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