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Thread: [Update GMS] Patch Available - GMS 1.40

  1. Default Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    Nexon posted a patch for GMS version 139 upgrade to version 140.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 18758000 (bytes) (17.89 mb)

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  2. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    Is it Ossyria?

    I'll be happy just to see the FA bug fixed.

  3. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    We already have the Bamon content. Maybe they just need this patch to activate it. It is a version up, after all...

    But, it's so small that I can only think it's bug fixes. I wonder what's in it that makes them want to bump up the version number, though?

  4. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    They've also done "Version Up" updates that were 100% bugfixes. Wouldn't be surprised if this is also the case.

  5. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    Bugfixes are certainly worth a version up. Anyone here agrees.

  6. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    bugfixes are better than none at all. i hope this at least covers the FA / evo world cygnus drop problems

  7. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    Personally i'd like to see Bamon's League, though if we don't get it thats fine (though if we don't they'd better fix a ton of bugs -.-)
    Since it means they'll do an ACTUAL content update later this month.

  8. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    Bamon's league is dumb. Even the name is dumb. If we get it now i'll be glad we won't be getting it later, but EMPRESS, EVO, AND ROOT ABYSS BETTER DROP THEIR F'UCKING S'HIT OR ELSE UNLEASHED FAILS AS AN UPDATE.

  9. Default Re: Patch Available - GMS 1.40

    I agree on Cygnus and Evolving Cygnus (and the chief knights of course) they also need to fix Cygnus healing, for the LOVE OF GOD fix Magnus so his green clone doesn't come out at 50 miles per hour (same with Cygnus Dark Genesis) make Arkarium drop his domination pendant like he's supposed to, etc (basically if you're going to give us the Unlimited bosses, give us the REAL DEAL not this worst of both worlds crap)

    As for the abyss, are they beatable now? I can see C-von bon and such being beatable but not C-Vellum, I think It might be better to wait until RED to give them their drops back



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