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    Welcome to what is probably one of the most controversial games for the Vita and PS3, purely due to its art.

    Let's make this a discussion/party finding thread. Or something like that.

    Not gonna bother snazzing this post up with pics and the like. You can find plenty of it everywhere, along with a ton of people bashing it for the Sorceress having a huge bosom and the Amazon having manly pecs.

    There are two versions of the game, one's for PS3 and the other's for Vita. No difference between the two (save for the one mentioned below), but you can transfer your save file between the two so as to continue playing when you leave/return home.

    Multiplayer Notes:

    - Online co-op is unlocked only after clearing all 9 dungeons (the final boss has its own little room elsewhere, by the way) on a character, and it's only unlocked for that character.

    - The PS3 version has local play available right off the bat, but I don't think the Vita version has adhoc unlocked till online co-op is.

    - PS3's local play only allows players to use the characters on the loaded save file, so you can't use your own characters if you're visiting a friend's house. Unless you load your save and he's willing to play your characters. Yeah.

    - Cross-play is not supported. PS3 players can only play with PS3 players, and Vita players can only play with Vita players.

    My PSN ID is HanabiraKage (yeah, my SP handle without the period), I'm playing the Vita version.

    Kinda official comprehensive online guide (JP):

    One of the toughest bosses in the game

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    I got this game, but I haven't played it much (Tales of Xillia is in the way!). I do have to kind of agree with the complaints about the art, but it goes in both directions. Every guy has gigantic arms and ridiculously bulging muscles just like all the women have gigantic breasts and whatnot. Overall the art is well done...but it's not appealing because of the proportions of everything. All the non-human art looks fantastic for the most part, though. There's no doubt of the skill of the artist(s), but the direction is just stupid.

    Either way, it was fun to play for the little I played of it so far. Gonna have to play more soon.

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    My friend got it when he came out, and he sat there laughing for a while when he saw the female characters.

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    The controversy is entirely contrived. Basically, all they did differently with this one was apply Odin Sphere's NPC art to the player characters. Feminists need to focus on issues that actually matter if they want to be taken seriously.

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    TOTALLY got wiped by Hard mode's Ancient Dragon. TWICE.

    NPC mercs suck.

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    Beat Hard Ancient Dragon with help from someone else, using my Elf.

    Just beat Normal Ancient Dragon with my Sorc. I don't get why people were saying they had trouble facing it with a Sorc, saying that its heal offset their Sorc's DPS. I killed it just fine by spamming the ice staff's up + O. Wasn't soloing (had a team of three NPC mercs), but I doubt that would've made much of a difference; Normal AD is a cakewalk.

    Do you guys play on the Vita or PS3?

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    I have the PS3 version.

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    Ah damn.

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    Sorry =(

    Not enough reasons for me to buy a Vita yet. The only games I would consider getting are Katamari and PSO2, not enough to spend the money, especially when PSO2 is on PC.



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