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  1. Default Any manual patch for JMS??

    it's my first time downloading JMS
    and when downloading,it always stuck in 500mb

    plz answer this

  2. Default Re: Any manual patch for JMS??

    First, you need to identify which version of the client you have in your possession. Second, you can download each of the patch files from the Nexon Japan FTP server, or by going to and finding the right file you need. You can patch up the game with that file using Fiel's NXPatcher program. I recommend getting the "advanced" version.

    If I'm misunderstanding you and you're trying to download the full client, there's really no other option than the official download from the Nexon Japan website. You can try looking for mirrors on the internet to see if anyone has any uploads of the latest client (3.10).

  3. Default Re: Any manual patch for JMS??

    well i guess i need to download from website
    it's VERY hard to searching mirror download
    too bad the downloader can't be continued



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