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Thread: [Aran] How to make Aran awesome?

  1. Default How to make Aran awesome?

    I believe anyone that cares about the class or is playing an Aran currently has its own ideas about it. Considering how butchered people claim Aran to be right now why don't we post and discuss here our ideas?.

    My dreams thoughts are the following.


    I dont know about damage calculations so I focused on trying to make the most of what Aran already has.

    Now you're welcome to post your damage increasement ideas.

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    Default Re: How to make Aran awesome?

    I would happily return to Maple if they make every finisher and Beyonder independent.
    And if you use the full combo (swing + FB + beyonder) give extra damage.
    Arans DPS sucks balls. Before Unleashed (or Chaos actually) I was able to pull 1.5mil damage with beyonder.
    But it was utterly useless at Root Abbyss bosses.
    That pissed me off SO HARD

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    Default Re: How to make Aran awesome?

    If they'd delete Beyonder, I will cry.

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    Default Re: How to make Aran awesome?

    - Increased speed of Double Swing/Triple Swing/Full Swing/Over Swing, range and damage increased slightly as well. Normal attack in the beginning removed. Can now be used in mid air.

    1st Job
    - Combat Step: Gets a double jump attribute, command would be typical alt+alt. direction+direction would still do the normal Combat step.
    - Combo Smash: Range increased

    2nd Job
    - Body Pressure: When attacking monsters 60% chance to get protected from their w.att for 60seconds, 5% chance to get protected from their magic attack for 20 seconds. Will also work on bosses.'
    - Combo Fenrir: Range increased

    3rd Job
    - Advanced Combo Ability: Now increases the max stacks of combo to 20 (200 combo)

    4th Job

    Hyper Skills
    - Beyonder: Cooldown of 10 seconds, Damage HEAVILY increased and will hit more lines per swings.

    Might have more ideas but that's all for now.

  5. Default Re: How to make Aran awesome?

    I should continue on my Aran revamp idea.



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