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    i'm fairly new to maplestory and i had a few questions about the classes in maplestory.

    1.) Which class has the best DPS? (From highest to lowest)

    2.) which class is best for Mobbing? (From best to worst)

    3.) which class levels fastest/easiest in maplestory? (from fastest/easiest to slowest/hardest)

    4.) which class requires the least amount of funds? (from least meso's needed to most meso's needed)

    5.) which class do you think is best? (If you can, recommend a good way to level that class)

    (please try to base your answers on facts and evidence (Q#5 you can make based off your opinion if you want))

    I sincerely thank you for helping a new Mapler out.

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    there are around 30(?) different kinds of classes. You dont expect anyone to answer those 5 questions with a list of ~30 classes each and explaining the reasoning for each of them do you

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    Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight, F/P Archmage, I/L Archmage, Bishop, Bowmaster, Marksman, Night Lord, Shadower, Corsair, Buccaneer, Cannoneer, Dual Blader, Jett, Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Thunder Breaker, Mihile, Wild Hunter, Battle Mage, Mechanic, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Xenon, Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Hayato, and Kanna.

    Did I miss any? That's 36.

    OT: You're not really going to get any helpful answers asking questions that are this vague. If you want, a neat way to try out new classes without it being a waste is to start a class with a Link Skill (a lot of classes don't have one, unfortunately), and just start. If you like it, maybe make it your main, but if you don't like it, it can just be a storage mule/Link Skill mule for your eventual main character.

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    All of these+Zero

    Anyway, it's impossible to know what class is the best at anything you listed because of the constant revamps that every class gets, so just pick the class you like.

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    2) Well, Luminous adn Demon slayer both have ridiculously large range attacks. It depends, some classes only hit up to 6, 8 other hit up to 10, 12, 15..

    3) Well right now DA gets free 2x. It really depends if you can 1hko mobs (or at 160+ if your funded to do damage), how man mobs you hit, if you have 2x, if you have kishin or Hs, how much time/effort you want to put in...

    4) I would say Xenon for now, they have quite the inflated range.

    5) ... I like Xenon right now, but I jump around a lot and havent really mained any character.

    You could search up the answers to some these. 3,4,5 are opinions. 5 is probably one of the worst questions, everyone asks this, but hat do you expect from it? People will give you the class they main or like to play, and you will probably get most of the classes listed if people bother to answer. Funding is relative.

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    i have been thinking kaiser, xenon, luminous,evan, or demon avenger. i am still open to suggestions though. That Zero character looks cool, Do you know when it might be Released into MS Global? Or when the next new class is coming out.

    also you don't have to name all the classes, i was just asking for a few, i probably should have been more specific.

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    Answer to all: Xenon

    Xenon has a ridiculous amount of +atk, +all stat, %all stat, %total damage, a ridiculously high weapon multiplier (1.5), 3rd weapon potential, and 3 main stats. As far as damage is concerned, there's really no contest between Xenon and every other class at every possible level of funding (assuming equal funding).They also have a Bind skill, good mobility, good range, and a lot of abnormal status resist.

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    I'd say Hero but I'm biased unfortunately.

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    Just make a Xenon. I literally put no funding into mine except for things i found on the ground and he basically does more damage than anything else I have available (minus my main because he's moderately funded).

    Honestly, you shouldn't care for damage at all in this game because you can basically get all the damage you want if you shell out some cash and get lucky with scrolling (like right now you can basically scroll a semi-perfect to perfect weapon for the low cost of farming a bunch of coins each day per character). Paladins and Demon avengers basically never die, so you never need mesos for potions and you basically make instant profit every time you train anywhere (and if you join a guild that gives those free potions on Mondays, then you're basically set for life).



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