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    Default Naruto The Movie

    I don't usually share Ryan Higas videos here but...

    Yah enough said I don't even watch Naruto but the quality of this is amazing.

  2. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    Welp, I didn't know that I needed a live-action Naruto movie until now.

  3. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    fuck, now I want to see a live action version....

  4. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    This would be the first live-action adaptation I would watch... and probably love.

  5. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    Live action adaption? Be careful with what you wish for.

  6. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    The difference between this and the godawful DBZ liveaction was that it was made by someone who knew what he was doing.

  7. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    I was so pissed when this movie was released.

  8. Default Re: Naruto The Movie

    Yet you can find fan made live action DBZ just as good as this naruto trailer.

    In other words for live action films, fan made>studio made I guess because the fan cares about the fans while the studios cares about those than never saw the original material to make the most cash they can.



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