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  1. Default Can't upgrade ring

    I haven't been keeping up properly with the events, but isn't the + day for the rings meant to allow you to make up for one day? It isn't letting me upgrade for today.

  2. Default Re: Can't upgrade ring

    Did you upgrade your ring yesterday? (the 11th day) You cannot upgrade a tradeable ring.

  3. Default Re: Can't upgrade ring

    I did. but if i missed yesterday I would have missed 2 days. I thought the +day was meant to be a make-up day just incase you missed a day. Will I still be able to make an Absolute ring? :c

  4. Default Re: Can't upgrade ring

    You basically are only allowed to miss the last day, that's what the +day is for. So that you can still make it tradeable. If you miss any other day, you can't use that +day anymore.

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    Default Re: Can't upgrade ring

    That's what we all thought, but Nexon's logic is different.

    You need a total of 30 stamps on your calendar. Assuming you got 11 for the first ring, and 10 for the second, you should still be ok even if you miss two days on the third ring.

  6. Default Re: Can't upgrade ring

    Okay! Thank you for the info.



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