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    I got lvl 48 honor and I just spent 250 circulators trying to get over 8% item drop increasement and ended up with the same freaking line (and thank god because I was afraid I wouldn't get even that one).

    My question is, what role does lvl play with inner ability, I know it unlocks other lines as it gets higher but do crappy lines stop showing if my honor is very high? does the chance of my ability tier (rare/epic/unique) going down disappear or at least gets lower? Am I getting something wrong with the levels in the first place? because based on this list...

    ... I should have unlocked all good lines with my lvl 48 honor, yet i still wouldn't get anything better than +6 att on one line or +8% item drop or +15 all stats. Heck the best lines I got are lvl 25 by that list, +35% accuracy into hp and +19% buff duraction increasement.

    Sigh, why does every single thing in this game has to be a freaking gamble? Even CS clothes these days...

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    That's not your Honor level, it's the ability's level, which is a just random number used to introduce more variance. When they introduced an overall rank for inner abilities, it appeared that they drastically reduced the amount of "levels" possible for inner abilities, so when you're at Epic, the system can't throw you like, Level 11 Drop Rate, which would give you 6% drop, and it's instead fixed to only give you either 15 or 16, which gives you 8%. What level your Honor is has no bearing on how good your inner abilities would be.

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    I had unique ability for half of the time I was using my circulators, yet I wouldn't stop getting that pineappleing +3% drop rate like.

    Just what the pineapple is honor level for then? now that one can unlock all ability slots by just reaching lvl 70?

    this is nothing but another scheme to get you to spend money on ability locks.....

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    Like with potentials, now with the fixed ability ranks, or I guess, one overall rank, only your first line is actually from whatever rank you're at. The only benefit to increasing Honor is getting free circulators. Additionally, because of the abilities' overall rank, there are no longer ability locks, which only locked rank anyway.

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    Yea, that list is outdated. The list is way shorter now.

    Rare is fixed at Level 5
    Epic is fixed at Level 15
    and Unique is Level 25
    (those are for the stats that have up to level 40, I haven't payed attention to the others.)
    so if you are looking for Item drop rate it's going to be 3%, 8% and 13%.

    Like iamfear said it's kinda like potential ranks, but I've done more than 3k circ and haven't gotten 2 of the stat. I wanted 19% and 7% buff seeing how 32% buff duration is impossible to get. ._.

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    Hm, they must've done something funky with attack(+15 at Unique), critical rate(+15% at Unique) and boss damage(+5% at Unique, but the maximum is 20 anyway).

    Don't give up! I got 32% buff duration 3 times while Circulating for 15% critical rate, and that took about 6k Circulators.



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