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    This problem didn't start occurring until I installed my GTX 770 and second monitor. Both spec's above. I've spent days trying to do everything I could find. It's hard to explain because the occurrences just seem so random. At first I thought it was cube world, because my computer (The Aero function specifically) would attempt to change to window basic color scheme, which caused my screen to go white and my programs running to go black. I fixed that by making sure it doesn't auto change.

    Then it seemed everytime I was running youtube/windows media player that the entire computer would lock up. Both my keyboard and mouse would not function. I waited up to 20 minutes for it to fix itself but I always end up doing a hard reset. Event viewer doesn't recognize any errors that would cause this, most of the errors being that it was a hard reset. I read that google chrome has a double Adobe installation problem, took care of that, the problem then became less frequent. It still persisted even with me just talking on skype. It seems to just lock up after 12-16 hours roughly. I was afraid it maybe an overheating problem, using GPU meter's my graphics card never (even with max setting bf3/tomb raider) break's 65 degree's, both fans are both running.

    Then I read it might be just the drivers I used (since it's the beta) but I didn't read anyone having hard lock ups or reflecting any same window event errors. Most of the problems were that the computer would just force restart itself while mine completely lock's up. However it never locks up while in a game. Most occurrences happen when skyping or with google chrome specifically. But I can't find any legitimate sources with people with the same problem. I'm also concerned that my motherboard is flat out being choked, but I read that they were compatible so I DONT EVEN KNOW.

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot to uninstall previous drivers, because I was actually planning to duo the video cards >_>; I'll keep it up in case this problem persists or if there is something else I'm missing. This might be a huge derp moment.

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    I'm 90% sure it's the graphics card drivers. Nvidia's really been dropping the ball on those as of late.

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    driver sounds about right. since the 320.xx drivers and newer, specific users have been getting problems with drivers. windows aero crashing usually is caused by a graphics driver malfunction



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