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  1. Neutron Bi Male
    IGN: Aversa
    Server: Fleta
    Level: ---
    Job: I Break Wind
    Guild: Noxus
    Alliance: SWAG(filler name)

    Question Zero - Which Divine Buff is better for bossing?

    Which Divine buff for Zero is better for bossing?
    *only listing the stats that matter on the buffs*

    Divine Force: 20 Attack and 10% Status/Elemental Resist
    Divine Swift: Attack Speed +1, 20 Speed amd 10 Jump.

    Alpha's Attack Speed being Normal I believe and Beta being Slow

    Yeah I have no idea which one to choose I usually go for red if I don't have to move and blue if I gotta move around. :3

  2. Default Re: Zero - Which Divine Buff is better for bossing?

    If you lag, don't use Divine Swift.
    If you have other weapon speed bonuses, don't use Divine Swift.



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