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Thread: [In Progress] August GM Events

  1. Default August GM Events

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    Default Re: August GM Events

    Wait what, there was testing today?

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    Default Re: August GM Events

    Here comes the hate comments..

  4. Default Re: August GM Events

    Had an event in Broa today for Physical Fitness. I finished second, but the GM never showed up. Everyone got tele'd to Henesys, and just left after about 20 minutes. I never saw or heard the GM's name at all; just random blue notices.

  5. Default Re: August GM Events

    Yes. Today was just a test to get some kinks worked out. As I said in the Events post the Game Masters plan on awarding today's participants too, as a show of thanks.

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    I noticed messages in Bellocan asking for players to talk to Jean - I was surprised to hear that because I remember Girasol telling me those events were broken a few weeks ago after the jump quest GM event. Glad to see they were fixed!

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    What do you mean by broken? The Pietro NPC at the end of the event map still doesn't teleport you out of the map. That's the only broken thing I remember.

  8. Default Re: August GM Events

    I could be remembering incorrectly, but I could have sworn the NPC that took you into event maps were broken - which is why they had you whisper, and they warped you in (and out) manually.

  9. Default Re: August GM Events

    Ah, yeah. You're right, I forgot about that part. I'm surprised they didn't fix Pietro along with it.

  10. Default Re: August GM Events

    Darn, I should have joined instead of posting a screenshot on the forums..

  11. Default Re: August GM Events

    I saw a message saying to go to ch3 lith harbor... and right under it a second message saying the event was full

  12. Default Re: August GM Events

    Just got into a "treasure hunt" GM event.. I've never even heard of it before, and I can't find any videos of it. Wishing I had turned fraps on now.

    Jean describes the game - boxes in a bunch of maps, tons of hidden portals.. supposed to find "treasure documents" in each field?

    I think I found all of the hidden maps, some near the end of the timer where there were boxes everywhere (meaning I was the only one to find it), yet I never found these "documents."
    I'm curious as to how you're supposed to win it? Since I got 2 coins and the GM said they would be "visible at the winner's circle"

  13. Default Re: August GM Events

    Was the name of the map Find the Jewel? I did something similar when Girasol was still here, but it seems the original Find the Jewel had you collecting marbles or something instead of documents. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the actual event with the boxes, but yeah, I couldn't find the documents either.


  14. Default Re: August GM Events

    Yep, that was the map.

    The boxes dropped pinnacle-looking scrolls and I got GFA 15% (+3att) and earring int 15% (gave same stats as 10%)
    Most of the boxes gave crap, though. Another thing to note was Omok sets.

  15. Neon Atom Male
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    Default Re: August GM Events

    This GM Event was the WOAT. I don't even think a GM was present during the actual event, was just in the hidden street before the actual event asking if we were ready with blue text boxes.

    At least I got 2 coins.

  16. Default Re: August GM Events

    It kind of sucks how the questions for these trivia events are pretty much always the same =/

  17. Default Re: August GM Events

    We need Zelkova grade questions. Or at least a GM that steps outside of the Nautilus area or Rien.

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    "let's summon a buttload of bosses that all cast DR, and some that are near impossible to kill without a couple of binders"

    5-6 Empresses, some Von Leons, some Chaos Pierres, a Vellum (not sure if it was Chaos or not), and some other pomegranate.

    gj nexon

  19. Default Re: August GM Events

    I pop in on a boss summon occasionally, but other than that I don't usually participate in the GM events. I wish they could do them on multiple channels at once, as the boss summon usually turns out to be a laggy clusterpineapple.



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