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  1. Default So I'm setting up a new character card deck and I'm wondering what I should put in.

    As the title states I've been doing some thinking and have thought that maybe my current character deck isn't really optimized to help with most of my characters damage outputs.

    Currently I have:

    Mercedes, Luminous and Evan

    Kaiser, Angelic Buster and Kanna

    Mechanic, Demon Avenger and Xenon

    On whether I'm trying to make a Bossing or Training deck I personally don't care (it would be nice if I could get one of each)

    I currently have as character cards go:
    Mercedes: S
    Cannoneer: S
    Demon Slayer: S
    Wild Hunter: A
    Night Walker: A
    Hermit: A (almost got it to 100)
    Evan: S
    Phantom: S (soon to be SS, but I doubt meso drop will help too much)
    Dual blade: S
    Aran: A
    Battle Mage: A
    Luminous: S
    Kaiser: S
    Angelic buster: S
    Kanna: S
    Hayato: A
    Dawn Warrior: A
    Shadower: S
    Mechanic: S
    Wind Archer: C (?)
    Xenon: S
    Demon Avenger: S


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    Default Re: So I'm setting up a new character card deck and I'm wondering what I should put i

    This is for a Xenon?

    Mechanic S
    Demon Avenger S
    Xenon S

    Kaiser S
    Angelic Buster S
    Kanna S (or get your Hayato to S rank and switch if you wanted)

    Night Lord S
    Dual Blade S
    Shadower S

    This way, you get all S rank bonuses and all +7all bonuses (which are the only ones affected by potential iirc? and are great for Xenon) as well as a max crit bonus from thieves.

    You could switch around if you wanted a pirate set for some pdr and put

    Cannoneer S
    Mechanic S
    Angelic Buster S

    Demon Avenger S
    Demon Slayer S
    Xenon S

    Dual Blade S
    Night Lord S
    Shadower S

    Now you get basically the same thing but with -7all/3% boss and +8(?)% pdr and +3% status resist.
    You can switch Kanna, Hayato, and Merc back in for a set for another good group if you prefer.

    You're kind of in the same situation as me. I have about the same cards and just put the one I felt best about in. There are a lot of good combinations, but the differences in them usually even out.



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