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  1. Default Need some guidance, returning mapler I/L arch mage

    Hello! I've been playing Maple since beta and I always played a I/L arch mage, I came back to the game and as usual there is a lot of stuff that I don't know.

    First let me say that last time me and my brother played there was this alien event going on, where you could get visitor weapons or something like that. I'm not really sure how much time have passed, but by that time I managed to get to 120 and finally get to Arch mage, and leveling with blizzard while boring was really efficient, extremely fast! how ever some time later a new big patch came and they nerfed blizzard adding a cooldown. Since then leveling has been a pain.

    My arch mage is 14x and Im running with maxed chain lightning and maxed buffs. My gear isn't the most exciting either and the most efficient training according to some guide has pulled me a 1% exp every 2mins 30 secs (at green lizards in leafre) that would be 4.5 hours for a level so here goes my questions:

    1) What do you suggest me to level faster? or this is the normal rate for people at my level? I remember doing 3 levels per hour with blizzard T_T
    2) What kind of gear or equipment should I focus on? (currently wearing a ele staff for lightning and most %3 int items) Help me buy items pls!
    3) I also have a bunch of 50% ATT for 2H pink scrolls from a very old event, are they worth anything?
    4) I really really want to get my mage to 200 is some kind of personal stuff but if you tell me that my journey from 14x to 200 will be slower than XXX class from 1 to 200 I will just reroll...

    I think this covers the most important ones...

    Thank you for your time!

  2. Default Re: Need some guidance, returning mapler I/L arch mage

    1) Evolving World, or Dimension Invade PQ. Make sure to use the right cores/go with people, respectively.
    2) I would shoot for Empress Mage set for now (Dragon Tail)
    3) Yes. Not sure on price, but Unleashed scrolls may have lowered their value.
    4) It's definitely possible with effort and time. Don't give up!

  3. Default Re: Need some guidance, returning mapler I/L arch mage

    Hello! Thanks for the reply

    1) How do I go there? What do I need in order to enter? Exp rate aprox?
    2) Where do I get empress mage set? any quest/farm or just player's store.
    3) Any idea how much will I sell them? I have like 50
    4) Thanks!

  4. Default Re: Need some guidance, returning mapler I/L arch mage

    1) Click everything on the left side of your screen, event quests and party-quest unlocking quests usually pop up there.
    You can access both from the Dimensional Mirror in most towns. The one for Evo World looks like a tank of water with wires coming out, if I remember correctly.
    There are guides for both online, and they are both pretty straightforward
    2) You would have to buy it from a store.
    3) I'm not too sure on prices myself, it's been ages since my permit expired and it would depend on your world~~~



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