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    Since EMS loves to copy paste patches, I believe we got this bonus coin system that gms have and I wonder if I got this thing right. Please note that Im not sure if this was just an event.

    When you do a round in azwan, for every round you collect coins you will obtain even more bonus coins but only at certain times of the day

    Example of bonus coins(numbers are probably incorrect):

    Round 1: 1 silver 6 brown
    Round 2: 2 silver 7 brown
    Round 3: 3 silver 8 brown

    Now my questions are:

    1. When does this event run in GMS ingame time?
    2. About how many coins can you get if you do hell mode till you reach 150 coins (non bonus limit)
    3. Is reward better in party or solo?

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    Sorry I'm not more of a help on the times, but I distinctly remember that clearing hard mode (either by yourself or party, doesn't matter) and collecting coins after each round proved to be the fastest and most effective way to farm coins.

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    4 hours before, until 12 am/pm
    hard mode is recommended actually, you get more coins that way, i think it was like 170 silver for claiming it after every run? i'd look for the thread on the subject or wait for someone to post it.
    reward is character dependant, so you can go in a party or solo. same end result (make sure everyone grabs his bonus coins though, when in a party sometimes the lead rushes and people aren't able to)

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    8pm-12am, after teh circulator change, coins rack up fast, you can buy hundreds of circulators in just a single day's worth of farming(great if you are aiming for non legendary lines like 32% buff duration).

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    Party vs solo gives the same amount of coins but as people have said hard mode is better than hell mode. Hard mode you get 6 coins per run, each run you get more bonus coins. Hell mode you get.. 15? IIRC coins a run, but with the same bonus coin increase each run. Therefore you get more runs in hard mode before hitting coin limit, so bonus gets higher. For the last run I get 17 silver coins and I think 35 bronze. Don't remember the exact numbers but if I do hard mode in bonus coin time the whole way I get around 500 bronze and 300 silver.

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    Doesnt seem to work at all or maybe the time is incorrect. But I can probably live with 75 circulators per day, a week or 2 and I might get what Im looking for.

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    In GMS its 11-2 est (8-11 pst). Doing hard mode will net you 6 coins, 5 bronze and 1 silver. You can do 25 runs (for a total of 25 silver and 125 bronze), during bonus time I got aprox ~540 bronze and ~240 Silver after my 150 runs (i forgot to collect after one run). I really wish they would add the 150 coin sovereign set, I could easily get 1.5 pieces a day.

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    Yeah I'm just waiting for the sovereign set to be released. Teased us by having the whip blade in the shops for a couple weeks but even that was removed. Hope we get it soon.

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    Is it possible to max out the bonus coins before doing any hard mode attempts with supply mode? Would doing some easy mode runs before the hard runs carry over the time bonus to silver coins?

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    Supply mode can be entered infinite times, its just a dungeon where you can kill a bunch of monsters for the daily quest. Once any mode is completed (supply isn't even a real mode) the coins gained from that round goes to the npc. The time bonus only enhances whatever the mode is supposed to give you, you don't transfer anything to any other runs. If you do easy and get all silver coins and no gold coins, then that's what you get. The total number of coins you can get per day is 150 (not counting daily quests or extra bonuses). Whatever coins you got in that day from any modes before the limit goes into that total, so you want to do the best mode you are able to when farming coins.

    Edit: from previous posts, it would seem hard mode is best.
    Thread for the aswan bonuses:
    Funny that @ShinkuDragon would tell somebody else to post his own thread.

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    Default Re: Bonus coins at azwan

    can't expect me to remember every thread i've made! but yea, page two holds the numbers for hard (which is the best mode) thanks a lot for finding the thread again.



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