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  1. Default Tales of Xillia General [In Stores Now]

    Tales of Xillia general thread.
    Release Date: August 6, 2013
    Console: PlayStation 3

    Tales of Xillia's story features around two main characters, Jude Mathis, and Milla Maxwell. At the start of the game, you are given the option to choose one of the two main characters whose perspective you will follow through the rest of the game.

    Jude is a student at a medical school, who accidentally wanders into a secret testing facility involving magic technology.

    Milla senses the mass destruction of spirits and goes to investigate, accompanied by the Four Great Spirits.

    In all good conscience, I cannot put an English trailer, as they Official ones I've seen spoil too much of the game.

    For those who played Graces and Hearts, they introduced a large scale world design for areas between towns, eliminating the need to travel with an overmap. These maps however were fixed camera, and were never too large. Xillia takes this to another level, depicting the fields between towns, and the towns themselves with utmost detail. Maps have several small points to explore about them; a large focus is put to searching harvest points, which get marked on your mini-map for future reference, and reward you with some items for leveling your shops or quests. Interaction with things such as climbing, or jumping down small elevation differences, crawling into tunnels for treasure, or rotating your camera to find hidden treasures elaborates on the detail of this world. You can still travel by opening the map with R3 (I think) so you don't waste 30 minutes walking between towns later on.

    Lilium Orb:
    Xillia features an RPG growth style reminiscent of MMOs. As you level, you gain GP (Growth Points). Similar to skill points, you spend these to improve your character in the Lilium Orb.

    Each dot represents a stat again. Connect the dots to unlock the Artes or Skills in the space between. Spending is permanent. You will gain enough GP to learn everything at the max level, 100, but plan ahead if you want certain stats, skills, and artes ASAP. GP gain is not linear. If I recall correctly, the first few levels gives 3, then eventually, 4, 5, and then it goes back down again.

    Xillia features some more detailed quests that give you a better reason to explore the landscape. While a lot of them are simply fetch or elimination quests, they develop the world quite well if you do more than skip the text. Be careful, as many of them are time sensitive. Keep track of your current quests with the log, where it will notify you if you've completed as much of it as you can for your current story progression.

    Shop levels are similar to stamps from Tales of Graces. The shops in Xillia all start at level 1. As you purchase items from them, sell items to them, or donate materials to them, they will level up to provide better wares, and better deals. The shops are divided into [Weapon], [Armor], [Accessory], [Tool], and [Food], each with their own levels. Shops will accept materials, which drop from monsters or can be found on harvest points in the field, to level up. Sometimes, an item type will provide a higher bonus, so you can wait until then to spend.


    For people who have never played a Tales game before:
    Tales is a JRPG that features a real-time battle system in encounters. You control your character in a 3D arena to defeat your enemies. Attacking abilities are called "Artes". They have special effects and animations, with significantly more strength than your basic attacks, but cost TP (Technical Points), Tales equivalent to Mana or Magic Points. Chain together basic attacks and artes to quickly take down enemies with style.

    For everyone:
    Xillia features the TP system, unlike Tales of Graces, but also includes the AC (Assault Count) system similar to Graces' CC (Chain Capacity). In previous Tales games, you were free to attack as long as you had TP left, allowing some degree of spamming; however, in Xillia, all actions except Free Running require 1 AC, meaning you can only attack a certain number of times before stopping for a short period (i.e. enough for an enemy to break out of a combo in the majority of cases).

    Dodging is mostly done by either Back Stepping, or Free Running, unlike Graces' Side Step.
    There is no restriction for what artes may be used in combat in Xillia. Many Tales games have an order that prevents spamming, usually in the order of Base Arte -> Master Arte -> Arcane Arte. Since Xillia uses AC to prevent spamming, you are free to use artes in whatever order you want, though some artes cannot be used in midair. Also, beware of Stale Moves (spamming the same attack, doing less damage). Most artes are useful throughout the entire game, rather than becoming useless and replaced by higher level ones with this system.

    Link System:




    Summary of everyone's combat style and abilities.
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    Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    main stats seem kinda weird, but nothing too important i guess, really liking the look of that leveling system, although it seems a bit too simplistic (i loved FF13's 6-way crystarium with subdivisions, for example)

    i think the fact i like most is the multiplayer, gives my brothers something to do.

  3. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Hyped for this. My sister and I have always been "Tales of" fans and this will be no exception.
    I've read numerous times that this game is basically a [max] 2-player game, instead of 4, due to the Link System.

  4. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    It's times like these that I wish I had a PS3... I love the Tales of series (especially Xillia 1 and 2), but I'm unable to play. Oh well; I suppose I can watch playthroughs on youtube.

    Will be sure to discuss storyline/gameplay/voice acting/whatever else here all the same!

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    The Main Stat is somewhat arbitrary in my opinion. For example, Jude gets damage from Agility, but Leia and Elize don't get damage from Stamina or Mind. Can't really recall if it's just that everyone gets damage from Agility, but Jude gets a lot comparatively if they do. Elize ends up being practically impervious to magic at the end game though if I recall correctly.
    The character's "Main Stat" has a slightly higher stat gain per point in the Lilium Orb. Also, there are skills with two levels that can be equipped to increase your stats, i.e. +5/10% Strength, etc. The character's main stat has a 3rd level with +15% to that stat. So Jude gets Agility 3 = +15% Agility on top of having level 2 of every other stat, whereas Milla would have Intelligence 3 = +15% Intelligence.

    I felt the leveling system was really close to being too complex, i.e. you spend too much time sitting in the menu plotting your next level instead of actually leveling. I think it's pretty difficult to accurately get that feeling where you can say "I didn't make a wrong choice" with your stat assignments.

    I've already mapped out all the orbs for every character, though the English names obviously aren't there yet.

    It's very much two player unless you want to do some sort of hardcore mode where you don't get Link Artes and Overlimits, which is a significant portion of the fun in battles.

    Elize sounds too boyish. Rowen sounds too young. Alvin sounds pretty good though. I don't think I've heard Leia yet. Jude and Milla are meh. For example, when Milla Binds a monster in those demonstration videos, her voice is pretty cringeworthy, especially if you hear it twice in a row. Doesn't flow right at all.

    I'll add some more info about Skills and Artes into the OP before I go to sleep.

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    Hyped for this after i got graces and did 3 playthroughs lol *-*

    We can still choose what character to control in battle regardless of the story right? I did a full Cheria run and then a Pascal one in Graces because i loved their playstyle.

  7. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Yes, any character is playable during battle. You can use L1 + D-pad to switch, in the direction of their HP bar at the bottom if I remember correctly. D-pad normally lets you choose who to link with. If you hit R3 (I think?), you can even have someone who isn't currently in battle tag in with someone who already is, switching on the fly (provided they aren't KOed).

    That being said, the non-main characters are not as playable as Graces's non-mains if you know what I mean. Jude and Milla's ease of control is on a different level comparatively, particularly because they're just fast characters. Xillia 2 on the other hand fixes all of the problems so damn well, but at the same time, Ludger is the most overpowered main character in any Tales game by far.

  8. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I've beaten the game like twice...though I don't think I've fully cleared the post-game dungeon yet. Stupid bosses are tough.

    I still prefer Graces F's fast-paced battle system though.

  9. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Super hyped for this, just like with Graces last year. I still need to do a few post game things on Graces (current playtime is 150ish hours, haven't even gotten around to a NG+), which would have been done already if not for the Steam sale.

    I'm probably going to rush trough a Jude playthrough first, and then take my sweet time doing everything on my Milla playthrough. The battle themes on Milla's side are so much better, and since I tend to play as the main character during the story (except for Lineages and Legacies in Graces, that was all the Richard goodness) I'm saving the best for last, because magic knight characters in Tales are awesome.

  10. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I should have beaten Graces f...I don't know why I stopped playing.

    Anyway, out of curiosity, is there a way to turn off the faces on the top left during battle? It seems kind of intrusive and annoying.

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    Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    oh, i was thinking maplestory here for a moment, so it's more of a "this character is good for upgrading his mind, even though the damage formula uses these other things"

    that is indeed much better, go damage? or go whatever bonuses your mainstat gives? balance yourself out.

  12. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I've heard Xillia 2 is better, but I preordered this because Tales games are usually good. Then again, I liked Legendia, so this could probably be terrible and I would still like it.

  13. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Aw Boo :( i was hoping to do a Leia run or something without considerable difficulty.

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    Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Wait, really? Even with vesperia's broken OL spams? Ludger is still more OP by far? Just how op is he to be OP by far? 0.o

  15. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I think there's three or four exclusive side quests for each main character. Otherwise, the overall story is identical, only the perspective you see it from is different. The final dungeon is not as extensive as Graces, though the boss is harder than Solomus, especially since the level cap is 100.

    I don't think you can.

    Xillia 2 is a lot better, especially if you know what they've changed from Xillia 1. The only things I found worse were the shops, and the treasure chests. I don't think I would have liked it nearly as much if I hadn't played 1 and known what the story and background is for the characters and setting. Would have been confusing as pineapple, despite the initial interviews saying it could be a standalone game.

    Part of the problem is every character in Graces was so fast because of the CC system. Alvin is particularly slow because of his Charge, and his sword is gigantic. He otherwise has a high amount of variety in attacks, especially since Charge alters his artes. Elize and Rowen use magic primarily, though Elize has some good physical artes. Rowen not so much in my opinion. Spell casting is different from Graces. You can't cut the cast time down with attacks, but that exists in Xillia 2. Elize and Rowen can be strong (broken) if you play them but it's boring spamming spells in my opinion. Leia is pretty fast, and I played her a lot, but I always found she had difficulty maintaining certain combos because she lacked a reliable air to ground arte with too many ground to air artes. She's amazing in Xillia 2 though.


  16. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I'm pretty alright with Elize myself. Rowen could stand to sound a little older, and Alvin no doubt is the strongest link of the cast. I personally like Jude; I think Sam Riegel was a pretty decent choice for him! But Milla on the other hand... in my opinion, horrendous. In one of the previews for Xillia, they showed the combat system. Since Milla got the last kill, just preformed her victory quote:

    'This is the power of Maxwell.'

    ... Ugh. Just calmly, with no expression, 'This is the power of Maxwell'. It was almost as if the voice actor was bored. Now... if it were something like:

    'This is the power of Maxwell!'

    I would be more than satisfied. But oh well. Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

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    Elize sounds a bit masculine, and not young enough for me.

    Here's some victory quotes. There's some spoilers if you listen to them all though.
    Milla's same line in Japanese
    all dat emotion

    Elize's Japanese voice
    all dat loli

    Leia combat showcase. Voice seems pretty good from this, though it seemed like a lot of her artes weren't voiced yet. Showed her combat style really well though.
    and I think this is the same quote, apparently

  18. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Does it have dual audio, or is it typical Tales single audio?

  19. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    Xillia is single audio. I think the Symphonia remake is going to be dual audio, but I'm not sure I can go back to the simplified gameplay of symphonia after playing graces.

  20. Default Re: Tales of Xillia General [Release Date: Aug. 6]

    I'll never understand why they use single audio when the other is already made and the media the game is on is more than big enough to hold 20 audio tracks.



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