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  1. Electron Male

    IGN: Flyix
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Santouka
    Alliance: Sincerity
    Farm: Arsefacey

    Basic0 R>Friendly actives for Santouka!

    Hello everyone

    I am looking to recruit friendly, active and loyal players for the guild Santouka.
    Our guild has been around for quite a bit, but lately it's been a bit inactive, which is why I'm looking for people to make it active again

    We are looking for members with integrity that are friendly, outgoing, talkative, mature and polite. My goal is to form a tightly bound community where making friends is an easy thing to do

    Our guild is mostly just for socializing, but we are more than willing to boss, PQ, train, or give price checks and anything else you need help with.

    We are currently with Bosshunter, Exthetique and Ethics in the Sincerity alliance.

    -No scamming. If you are caught in the act you will be kicked without hesitation
    -Be polite and respectful. Do not spam the guild/alliance. If they don't answer the first time, most likely they haven't seen it or they don't have a response.
    -No hacking. I do not wish for people to think of us as a hacking guild based on the actions of one member

    If you are interested in joining, please leave a post below in the following format:

    Name (nickname):
    Previous guild(s):
    A little bit about yourself:
    Reason for joining:

    We hope to recruit many friendly people into our guild

  2. Default Re: R>Friendly actives for Santouka!

    Im playing casually right now, but I'll dedicate more time if I have a guild to talk to.

    IGN: Muntzer
    Name (nickname): JB
    Previous guild(s): none
    Age: 22
    A little bit about yourself: been playing MS off and on since beta, came back to try and have fun. im entering my senior year of college in the fall, history major. im pretty shy, but im sociable and fun to be around when im comfortable.
    Reason for joining: I have no friends in this game, and im sort of lost. My game knowledge is lacking, could really use some help and direction.



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