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  1. Default Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Well I meant which link mule + card would be better since all the chars are open atm. This will be for my demon slayer.

    Currently I have:
    Demon Slayer
    Demon Avenger

    I only hve 1 char slot atm. Plan to get more later during the month, but for now, which link skill / card would benefit me more.

    Choices are between kanna, luminious, cannoneer, or angelic buster. I was thnking kanna due to her link and card both being useful, but lumi seems nice with his link and his card would net me 3 hero set. [although i have already 130%/150% def ignore, more is always good esp when i can transfer the link to chars that dont have a lot of ignore like my Demon slayer]

    Also, should add I do plan to level all my chars at some point, and kanna atm being so glitchy and broken sorta puts me off from actually making one.

    Thanks for your input~

  2. Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    I say go with Kanna. The 10% damage increase is great.

  3. Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Only thing I have against kanna is the fact that there seems to be a lot of her skills don't work. Like I said I do plan to level up my links when im bored [heck most of my link mules i listed are above 140 atm] but playing a kanna just doesn't seem that great.

    A lot of her skill seem to either d/c her or just plain dont work, no one want to party anymore and the fact she doesn't have hyper skills in gms makes her very unappearling to play after 120 =x Would feel like a waste of 5.5k if i dont play her a lot.

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    Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Well you did point out in your original post that it was a link/card MULE...chances are you really wouldn't be playing her past 120 anyway unless you're trying to go for lvl 3 link skill.

    My vote is for Kanna as well, but if you really don't want to make her, Luminous would be my second choice for the % ignore defense.

  5. Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Alright maybe using mule wasn't the best choice of words.

    Maybe I say altenate char that has a good link / card would probably be better.

    But I guess i'll go with kanna if everyones telling me to make one. Her skills do have some pretty artwork to them.

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    Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Kanna is most prefered imo out of those options. If you do not wish to go for her, go for Luminous.

  7. Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    Idk about Luminous, the link isn't that great now that PDR ignore is multiplicative

    What about Evan? You can still get the hero set, and I find the MP recovery effect very useful (I don't think I've ever used an MP pot on any of my characters since I got the Evan card) Evan has no link skill though. I found Evan very fun to play.

    And Kanna is a must, and I also found it to be very fun ^.^

    Edit: just saw that you want the effects just for your DS? I guess evan's card is useless then, but it still helps a lot on your many other alt characters!

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    Default Re: Which new Link mule / card Should I get?

    To me, this means Link + Card Mule...
    This will be my order of getting link + card mules (only based on how good it is to your DS)
    120Kanna (10%dmg & 3%boss) <- both are useful
    120Kaiser(15%hp & 40STR) <- *this is not on your list but I still put it here* hp isn't as important but gives you 40 main stat (8level worth of main stat)
    120Cannon(10%HP 25STR/DEX & useless card) <- 5level worth of main and sub stat, some survive and
    120Lumi(10%PDR & useless card) <- you'll want as many as possible with pdr...
    120AB(10sec buff & 40DEX) <- 10seconds buff that will self stun you for 1 sec(unless on rope) with 8level worth of sub stat (not very useful)



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