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  1. Default ... continue with Angelic Buster?

    A couple days ago a couple of friends and I decided to pick this game back up. I decided on an Angelic Buster since I have some %dex gear from a mechanic, one friend settled on a Kaiser and one on a Xenon. Either I'm doing something horribly wrong or this class is horrible, we're all roughly level 90 and I can barely contribute to fights. It seems the first job ability (Star Bubble) out damages all my other ones, and the damage it does is pomegranate compared to my friends, despite me having a significant gear advantage over them.

    Should I continue on, or should I work on getting my Luminous to where my friends are at? The Luminous seems much better than Angelic buster, but I've been reading that Angelic buster gets a lot better in fourth job.

    This is in GMS.

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    Stay on the angelic buster.

    You will contribute a lot more after you get to like 150ish.

    Trust me on this, angelic busters Damage makes me kinda sad that I never made one [got no char slots left]

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    AB atm is weaker than both of those jobs but definetely stronger than Lumi. And you must be doing something extremely wrong if you are saying star bubble outdamages Soul Seeker...

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    In mobbing, yeah. My Soul Seeker isn't maxed yet so the chance to recreate sucks, I'm currently working on maxing it. Unless Soul Seeker is better mobbing than all the other skills? Seemed more 1v1 oriented to me.

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    Soul Seeker is terrible for mobbing ever since the number of essences was reduced from 4 to 2.

    Star Bubble might have the damage over Heavenly Crash, but Crash's range is amazing, compared to Star Bubble.

    We get a LOT better in 4th job, and an upcoming buff for Angelic Busters brings our mobbing and 1v1 to great levels. Hopefully GMS just copy+pastes it from KMS.

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    Stick with it. KMS Angelic Busters are currently only behind Kaisers on the theoretical DPS chart and they're sort of late bloomers in that they still don't see their full potential until about level 150 or so. With the addition of Soul Seeker dealing 1s instead of killing you outright during DR later on, that's one less thing to worry about.

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    Thanks for all the replies, looks like I'm going to continue with it. I've got a bunch of %dex gear I'm bidding on that should catch me up to my friends anyways.

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    If star bubble is still 500% damage like it was when the class was released, it does out damage everything outside 4th job with higher recharge rate to boot.



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