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  1. Default Google Did It Again

    So we've lost ads right at the end of the month, and I've had to file an appeal and move the topmost ad banner even higher to make it legal despite it having been there without issue for years.

  2. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    I left Southperry on, went out for like 20 minutes, and came back thinking my computer was bugged or something. Well, that sucks.

  3. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Ugh...AGAIN? Ridiculous.

  4. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    This is just getting stupid.

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    Default Re: Google Did It Again

    I was wondering why I had this empty space below the banner. This is getting quite old indeed.

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Google Did It Again

    And this, boys and girls, is just one example of why monopolies are Bad Things.


    Did you now make sure the Notifications drop-down doesn't touch the ad even if a person has notifications in all possible categories?

    What will they think of next?

  7. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Depends on the resolution of your screen. :/

    But... without them being able to login and receive such notices, they shouldn't be capable of triggering that scenario even on the tiniest screen known to man. And almost no normal user would either.

  8. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Have you considered utilizing an adbot to post ads in threads? I know it is kind of invasive but it may be a solution to your issues you are having.

  9. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    I didn't realise Google were so insanely petty about their advertising system. I hope you can get this sorted out for the sake of the site. :c

  10. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Is it possible that Google Ad policies might instate a clear zone for ads..? Are they allowed to do that?
    A clear zone is not the technical term but some companies have specifications where if you're using a registered logo, or an ad in this case, there are specifications that say, "you can't have anything near the object for a perimeter of X, Y pixels."

    I had to deal with the arbitrary spacing when I designed a few marketing materials for the university I'm attending.. :|
    The technical term they use is "Surrounding space requirements."

  11. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    You apparently do not recall our trial of this, people were very upset by having ads in the midst of their conversations.

    They're paying us for a service, they're allowed to specify pretty much any arbitrary requirement to earn that money they want, and to change them on a whim. But that is not a requirement at this time, no.

  12. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    No, I don't recall this. Be that as it may, do what you have to. Good luck keeping your site afloat.

  13. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    That's.. pretty silly. I don't get what the issue with drop downs is.

  14. Idiot. Male
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    Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Have you considered pushing the content down once the drop down menus "drop"?

    The ad space where it is now is ugly and it's worse when ads don't show (which happens occasionally for me) so it just has a huge empty blank space.

  15. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Making large portions of the page move just bothers people, and considering it would still occlude the ads (by shoving them down/offpage) it'd be just as bad.

  16. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    At what point is the opportunity cost of another ad provider worth it?

  17. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    At the point we find a legitimate reasonable ad provider that gives me any degree of control over the ads they'll be showing and doesn't pay out 1/100th of what Google does.

  18. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    "At the point when something is Google but not Google at the same time."

    I like it.

    I recall when Sleepywood changed their ad provider (why - I'm not sure) and the users didn't even like the switch. There were talking ads, self-enlarging ads, and music ads without user interaction. I think he lost ad views because of it.

    Google is the Paypal of ads. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  19. Default Re: Google Did It Again

    Monopolies is bad, mk?



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