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    Not sure if I would better bump Bryan's topic about his own decks and derail it, so figured I would make a new thread.
    I'm pretty unsure how to proceed, current outfit is:
    - deck 1: SS Dark knight, SS Kaiser, S Demon slayer (to get to 200 so that it triggers SS warrior effect)
    - deck 2: S Night lord, S Phantom, S Xenon (S thief effect)
    - deck 3: S Demon avenger, 2 crap S cards.

    First deck would preferably stay as it is for simple reasons (only chars to get to 200 in this geologic era, all warriors for a useful outcome). The only change I see happening would be replace DS with Zero (to go for 200) and match the two demons in the same deck for, I don't know, resistance deck or whatever.
    Thinking post-revamp already, with decent SE and CO, my critical damage (as a DrK) should be 167%-165%, correct me if I'm wrong. If this is correct though, a S thief deck would boost my max critical damage to 168% - considering my crit rate would also be on 100%, it would basically be a roughly 1,015x damage increase which may be worth it (?) on a perspective of decently high numbers. But aside from Xenon card (+20 allstats), none of the others is really useful on its own.
    Meanwhile, I could go for pirate deck, as I have availability of 1 useless (Cannoneer) and 3 useful cards - Xenon, Angelic buster (+40 dex still does a bit for warriors) and Mechanic (+15% buff duration is kinda a must for Sacrifice). The set effect is also decent (6%pdr, though with the multiplicative system it will be reduced to a quite poor portion of defense ignored).

    I could consider the first opinion and use DA+DS+one of the two resistance pirates to complete a S resistance (+7 allstats), and get a full S pirate set as 3rd so as to benefit from all the cards and the effect. But this would leave out the S thief set (the +3% max critical damage, which I'm not still sure it's completely worth it).

    Any alternative suggestions? Also totally revolutionizing the decks is a viable option. I'm willing to create more characters if that's necessary, just not too many. Got like 3 slots as of now.
    Thanks in advance.

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    What are you even using this deck for, bosses? If so, throw a kanna for % boss dmg like DA, and a hayato helps for min crit % dmg. Other than that, eh, you have a well enough deck set. Although I don't even know if you guys have them. Sacrifice gives a buff? What the...

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    He plays ems.

    But anyways on topic:

    Night lord card is crap, phantom card is crap thief bonus set is crap (because the selection of thieves makes the bonus worthless unless you already have SS rank cards), warrior set is crap.

    Warrior set % hp into damage is not multiplied by anything and even if you're a demon avenger its not even that great. Lets say you hit 100k per dark impale, with S set (8%) and 50k BASE HP (because it only takes base hp into account) you will obtain 4k dmg per hit. This means you gain a total of 20k dmg on each dark impale, however since thats probably going to be your only SS set you will probably use it anyway (just would like to mention how it really works)

    But when it comes to the other sets, why are you ignoring mercedes aran and evan combo? Sure its not much healing on Aran/Evan but its still something. Mercedes cooldown reduction will be sorta helpful for the new death factor for berserk (dont know for sure if this works) and for consuming beholder. You also get some nice 7 all stat that works with potential from having 3 hero classes, which is by far a better choice over phantom night lord and xenon when only xenon card is the useful one in those 3.

    For the final set you should aim for mechanic xenon and ab, you need a pirate set and theres really no better options atm.

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    if you're playing DrK, for red (and even if not) you'll most probably want a mech card, buff duration is a VERY NICE thing, gives you more of a window to rebuff, and if it affects our reincarnation/sacrifice time, it also adds some SERIOUS damage.

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    We don't have them (yet?).
    The buff refers to post-red Sacrifice where it allows me to spam Gungnir.

    I haven't even considered that because Aran and Evan cards are pretty much useless (I already have a consistent hp drain and mp consumption does not require recharging without potions). Mercedes card only reduces cooldown by 3% up to max 5 seconds, which on a grand total of 480s of Reincarnation is pretty negligible. So I would rather directly complete a resistance set, which gives the +7 allstat same as hero set, but includes also DA's 3%boss card.

    Yes, I'm playing a DrK as main and I accounted the 15% buff card already.

    I might consider making a paladin/buccaneer for the "level to physical damage" (taken from here), though I don't know how they work, can anyone explain?

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    Paladin and buccaneer practically falls in the same area as warrior set. The more funded you are, the more likely Max crit would probably help you since you already have tons of crit anyways. I'd go for for a thief or pirate set and resistance set before worrying about buccaneer or paladins. The boss damage and attack bonus from SS set is a good enough reason to keep it even if warrior set isn't that big of a bonus.

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    paladin pretty much means that if your pally is level 200, you'll get 400 more range, i dunno about you but that's reeeeally not worth the effort.
    pally and warrior set/bucc are different though, pally card does add to range, while the other two add to your final damage.



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