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  1. Default Can't use some additional dungeon entry tickets

    So I had assumed that it didn't work in general until a friend showed me that he is able to use the cygnus additional dungeon entry coupon. I went and tried it on another character and it worked just fine. I'm not sure why this isn't working on my main character. I also can't use the pink bean one. Not sure about the others. Horntail works though.

    Images of problem

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    The first time I used my PB coupons I got the "You may enter one/two/etc more times today." If you don't use the extra entrances, they roll over indefinitely. Since PB doesn't give you any way to bypass the marble limit, I haven't been able to use them. Clicking the tickets now gives me no response; no message or anything. Clicking HT ticket tells me I already have 5 extra entrances, and those are the only two I've tested

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    If I recall I did actually use the pink bean one a couple times..Maybe that glitched it up entirely, maybe I could try killing pb a few times or something. hmm. The HT ones works perfectly for me though.. Wow maybe it is the pb ones fault :(

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    Just tested out HT, PB, Cygnus, and VL each on a mule and my main.

    PB, Cygnus, and VL - all worked 5 times each on both characters.
    HT - told me I used up all 5 even though I didn't. Tried dropping and NPC'ing the teleport scrolls it gives and it won't let me.

    If it helps any, I've VL'ed 4 times, PB'ed 3 times, and HT'ed ~150 times since the patch.

    I think something definitely glitched up because I very clearly remember clicking on my HT ticket about half a week ago and it gave me only one additional entry that day. Now that I clicked it today, it won't give me anything.
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    Default Re: Can't use some additional dungeon entry tickets

    I have used the additional entry tickets for Empress, HT, and Zak. Currently, the Empress additional entry ticket doesn't work because Empress is no longer a expedition. You can only use the HT and ZAK additional entry tickets after using up your two (allowed) entries for the day. You will recieve up to 5 return scrolls per day. Additional entries will rollover (I'm not 100% sure on this part).



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