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    Hello everyone,

    I've been farming monster cards (for the Monster Book) since we received the free Hyper VIP Teleport Rock. However, I noticed many cards either not dropping or not being accessible.

    Some examples:
    • Pantheon monsters (they don't seem to drop at all)
    • Kerning Square Parfumes (they don't spawn at all)
    • Queen Pepe, Toy Soldier (not getting these in the Silent Crusade quests)
    • Coco doesn't register, but instead pops up as a use item in my inventory

    Has this been like this for a while or did this happen recently?

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    Not sure.
    They were moved to their own map, on the map with the Kid Bunny Doll things, should be a teleport into a shop there.
    To my knowledge were removed ages ago, Nexon has yet to update the codex to show that.
    Pretty much same as above + the first time you fight him is bugged. They tried adding the USE item of his card as a reward to the quest, but the card doesn't register when used.

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    A lot of the newer cards don't drop yet, such as Pantheon, Twilight Perion, Golden Temple, etc. It's still a W.I.P., since I don't think they added sets yet.

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    We lost the portals to some silent crusade bosses when we converted from JMS' silent crusade into KMS version's.

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    Some monster cards seem to be level-restricted, much like meso/equip drops. I noticed this when doing Sakura castle (or whatever that castle with the toad final boss is called) on my bowmaster and xenon.

    I first did it on my bowmaster (200), and merely assumed the cards did not drop, and doing all the quests, I did not find a single card. However, while doing it on my Xenon, I noticed monster cards dropping for all the mobs, so I went back to check my Bowmaster to see if I had the cards already. I did not, so I'm thinking that it might be level restricted, though it would be great if someone else can confirm/refute this.

    And if such is the case, is there a way to still get the cards on my Bowmaster?

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    If you're talking about the stuff like chunin, jounin, tonosama, red samurai, I got them on a 200+ xenon last week.

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    The only restriction is being at least 14 levels under the mob(within 15 levels of it), any above that can see the card if you don't already have it *unless it's a boss mob.
    For bosses however, if one is partied with you, and THEY hit the mob at all and would be able to see the card, you will too, regardless of your level and whether you'd be able to see it alone or not.

    As for Sakura Castle mobs, their cards were the ones of Ninja Castle before Sakura came out, so if you obtained the cards there, they wouldn't drop. You could complete the short questline and kill the toad boss(his card drops 100%, being a boss) to see that they drop. You could just have silly luck for not seeing regular mob cards. s:

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    Cards dont drop if your too far under the monster level, it doesnt matter how high a level you are past the monster. I can get the shroom card on my lv200s (also, it would not make sense if they didnt drop at higher lvs, how would you complete sets?)

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    When I was trying to get the Silent Crusade set, I couldn't find Pixiemom. There might be a few missing bosses.

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    Unfortunately, the game seems inaccessible right now, but when I can log on, I'll check my bowmaster to see if it previously had the cards already (and if it does, I'm sorry!). I'm aware that for "normal" monsters, cards will drop regardless of how much higher a level you are than they, which is why I remembered the Sakura Castle thing, as I was surprised I didn't find a single monster card doing the whole quest chain on my Bowmaster, which left me even more surprised when I was finding cards with relative ease on my xenon. I just assumed that Sakura Castle was one of those weird things (kinda like World Tour or something, which are excluded from certain things) and had some funky card restrictions.

    As I said though, when the game becomes accessible again, I'll get on and confirm. Sorry for causing confusion ):

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    It's been a while so I would take this with a grain of salt but IIRC I remember going to Sakura on a higher level character (wasn't 200 but was definitely above the range there) and I was getting card drops for the book. I wouldn't be surprised at all though if the cards were messed up and only dropping for people within level range, though.

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    Reposting since people seemed to have missed it. I had like 30 cards 2-3 weeks ago and now I have 400+. The only ones that don't drop are the newest ones beyond the original 467/469 [whatever it was]. These are ones that aren't included in any type of set (crimson balrog might be the only exception to this).

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    Well, make of it what you will.



    So what I see is that the cards aren't registered (I didn't actually manually count the cards to see if they counted or not, but...they definitely did not drop for me...nor did they show up as "collected" already in my book), but my set claims that it is finished.

    What's interesting is that there are actually TWO cards right next to each other in the screenshot of the same monster (I think?), so...yup.

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    Basically, they created new cards for a lot of monsters that needed them, since the old ones were outdated. However, they didn't replace the old ones yet, and a lot of monsters still need new cards.



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