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  1. Default Instant Messaging Clients

    As I remember many years ago, most people who frequented online message boards/MMOs that I'd come in contact with were fond of using MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live). As it turns out, that service is now dead/defunct.

    I've been on the hunt for a new IM client ever since WLM kicked the bucket. What has everyone switched to pending Messenger's demise? Skype?

    The Skype client itself is pretty horrible.

  2. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I have been using Steam. 98% of the people I come around who plays those games uses Steam.

  3. Default Instant Messaging Clients

    Same here. I leave steam open all day, so anyone who needs me can contact me and there are the steam apps on android and iOS so I can talk to people on-the-go, too.

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    Honestly, I've been using Skype for 4 years now; still prefer it. :/

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    Skype/Steam/Facebook IM.
    I dunno why you say Skype is horrible, yes it's a clusterpineapple in what presentation refers, but well I've been using it from the past 7 years, swtich from Windows messenger to skype when they released the "Windows Live Messenger" (which if IIRC it was between 2005~2006).
    But since most of my friends and family uses Facebook messenger... well, that's what I use the most.

  6. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    It glitches up on me almost constantly, and people that I talk to on it say the same thing. I've had problems with display messages not working, messages being sorted out of order, frequent disconnects, and massive loss of functionality from WLM. File transfers are absolutely terrible using the Skype client, as it either spazzes out and proclaims everything to be a virus, or says its sending something when it really isn't. One of my favorite features from WLM, live photo sharing, is notably absent.

    Presentation wise, its very bland with almost no customization options. It feels like a downgrade from WLM to me.

    Facebook Messenger, as in the built in messenger on itself, or a standalone application? Its good for communicating with people I know IRL, but not particularly for people I know off message boards and online games.

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    Standalone app.
    If you are looking to message to online people then Steam is the way to go.

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients


    Lets you use one client for multiple IM accounts (Yahoo/Skype/formerly MSN/AIM/many many others) and you can talk to people regardless of what they use, and it's very handy. Very nice layout that isn't in the way too.

    But I don't really talk to more than like 3 people anyway.

  9. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    The hell version you're using, I have some complaints about skype such as the constant pushing for premium to use video/screen sharing (every patch they change their mind) but I've been using skype since 2004 and haven't had a single one of these problems o_o. Occasionally it'll lag because the connection genuinely sucks on someones end

  10. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    Yeah, I have very few problems with Skype. It sometimes eats more resources than usual but all I have to do is restart Skype.

  11. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I've always preferred pidgin when it comes to multi account IM programs, but i only use skype nowadays so i haven't kept up with it.

  12. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    i use skype for general chatting purposes. I dont have any problems transferring files though, i can easily send photos and music with no problems so far.
    The only beef i have with it is that the mobile app messes up Play Music and volume levels on my phone.

    Or, if i dont have someones skype contact, i'll just beep them over facebook. in fact, FB Messenger has replaced MSN Messenger even before the skype takeover.

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I use Steam, AIM, Facebook, Gtalk

    all linked through Raptr(steam chat doesnt work through Raptr, but allows to see whos on)

  14. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I used WLM until it died and then switched to Skype. I don't mind it too much, I just miss all my emoticons.

  15. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I just use IRC to talk to SP now that MSN/WLM is dead. I like skype for calling, but it annoys the pineapple out of me for IM. I cannot customize whatso ever, it's chunky and in the way, to many broken windows for pomegranate that I'm too lazy to figure out how to get rid of, pineappleing ads, peach ass people calling me randomly and scaring the pineapple out of me. Most of my issues with skype could be solved if I wasn't lazy, but I just use MirandaIM multiclient to run IRC because it's super customizable.

  16. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I use Gchat and Steam. I only use Skype for calls.

    I used Pidgin from around 2005 to 2011 to communicate on AIM/MSN/Gchat.

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    Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    I just use skype. I have occasional problems with certain people hosting calls and sending files in group chats, but it works great for everything else. I've never had a problem with the stuff you're describing.

    I do wish it had more customization, but it does the job just fine.

  18. Default Re: Instant Messaging Clients

    Microsoft merged services with Skype as a msg. client as far as I know.

    OT: I'm not fond of IM programs mainly because either I don't pay attention to them while they're running in the background and I ignore messages unless they're in my email.. and I'm just not fond of them.



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