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    I have several untradeable scrolls for sale, so please bear with me while I list them in no particular order.

    The Bow and Spear Scrolls have both been sold.

    I have also a 100% Innocence Scroll and a 50% Chaos Scroll of Goodness.

    And some more scrolls:
    [1] Lucky Day scroll which improves a scroll's chance for efficacy by 10% (a 60% scroll becomes 70%, 70% becomes 80%, etc.)
    [2] Occult Cubes that work with items up to Unique
    [1] Golden Hammer 20%
    [1] Innocence Scroll 100%
    [1] Innocence Scroll 70%
    [1] Chaos Scroll of Goodness, 50%

    All of the above scrolls are untradeable, so I will provide collateral for weapons/scrolls that you give to me to scroll/enhance equal to the amount of a Fafnir Zeliska and a set of Spectrum Goggles, as well as permanent chairs like the Yellow Tent Chair, Moon and Star Cushion, Fuzzy Kitty Chair, and more:

    If an item that you wish to scroll or enhance is worth less than the Spectrum Goggles or is worth somewhere in-between my permanent chairs and the Spectrum Goggles, I'd prefer it if you sent another item over that would be worth the difference.

    Finally, I am selling an A Nebulite that adds +7 INT.

    I'm willing to accept payment in the form of either Clean Slate 20% scrolls (the ones that don't blow up if they fail) or pure mesos. Please contact me with a price that is agreeable to you. PM me with offers for any of the above items that you feel comfortable with, please.

    Why am I selling these scrolls? One, I do need the mesos; two, I don't have any way of going back and forth between all these accounts; three, I don't want these just sitting in my inventory, taking up space that could be used for storage.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to do business with you!
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