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  1. Default CS items from FM shops

    I found a CS overall in the FM that I thought might look good. I didn't have enough mesos on my main so I went and bought on an meso/storage mule (in same account).
    When I went to transfer it through storage, it was invisible. If I try to trade it to another account, it gives some message about unavailable to trade.
    When you hover over the item is says 'This item cannot be traded once it has been used', in other words a variation on the 'Trade disabled when equipped' message.
    It does not say 'Untradeable' , or 'Item cannot be traded, moved or resold once bought' or any similar message.

    However, when I actually give up and go to equip it (on the storage mule) it gives a message 'If you use this item, you will not be able to trade the item with other users. etc.', implying that it really should still be tradeable until equiped.

    So what is going on here? Are resellable CS items currently glitched, or did I manage to buy one of the hacked/duped ones, or have they always had these misleading messages, and have never been tradeable once bought from the FM vendor? Rather annoying to have wasted 100M mesos.

  2. Default Re: CS items from FM shops

    You might need to get a trustworthy friend to transfer it to the character you want to bring it to. But otherwise storage and CS storage (unless you're an adventuerer) doesn't work.

  3. Default Re: CS items from FM shops

    I already tried a normal trade to character on another account (ie double logged) and it wouldn't work.
    I wonder if I bought a shop for the mule if I could resell it.

  4. Default Re: CS items from FM shops

    Cash Shop items from the FM cannot be moved through normal storage, Only through Cash-Trade, or Shop Permits.

  5. Default Re: CS items from FM shops

    It is probably a gender issue. If the item says (male) or (female) after it, you can only trade it to the corresponding gender/can only be bought by the gender.
    However, if you have an android with that gender, you can buy/trade/receive that item.

    Or, it could be that you're trying 'normal trade.' There is a 'cash trade' button below the normal trade option when you right click a character. It asks for your PIC, this is normal.

  6. Default Re: CS items from FM shops

    Yessss. Cash-trade was the key.
    I had forgotten that special mode of trade existed. A bit of a hassle, but it worked.
    Thank you thank you both



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