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    Hello guys,

    I was wondering with the new changes due to the unlimited patch, does anyone have any clarification what these stats mean. I've looked at various weapons on the fm and they seem to have positive and negative values.

    For an example on this posted picture, according to information from orangemushroom

    Red = defense
    Green = magic defense
    Yellow = boss damage
    Blue = ignore monster defense

    My question is how these values work and do they actually go to negative values?

    Thanks a bunch ahead of time for everyone's time :)

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    It's in comparison to what you currently have equipped, they only go into the negatives if they give you less of those stats than what you're already wearing, so for example, if you're wearing a weapon with 30% Boss, and you scroll over a clean, unpotentialed weapon, the boss damage field would display "-30%" because wearing the clean, unpotentialed weapon results in you losing the 30% boss damage from your current weapon. If you're wearing a 70% boss weapon and you scroll over a weapon with 30% boss, it would display "-40%", if you have no boss damage on your weapon, and you scroll over a weapon with 35% boss, it would display "+35%". It's the same for all the stats except for Ignore DEF because that's kinda complicated, since it's multiplicative rather than additive.

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    Thanks so much for the reply. I was having a tough time trying to figure out what it is on google as those things don't really have a name.

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    They don't count nebulites, so if you're hovering over something with a boss/ignore pdr nebulite, you'll see the change it would give if it didn't have that nebulite.



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