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    Hello Southperry,
    Let me know what you think of this idea.

    Hello Nexon Forums,
    As of late, many of you in Scania may have noticed people completing the Tot's quest line are using their smegas and what not, and there are the occasional flurries of spam from gachapon announcements. There have been so many announcements though that it's hard to maintain simple conversations with my friends when my chat box is flooded with these announcements. So I have a simple request..

    I will legitimately spend NX to purchase a Cash Shop item that allows me to selectively block out Smega announcements from appearing in my chat box, ranging for all types of Smegas. The CS item should be client-sided, not server-sided for obvious reasons. If the Nexon team can develop something of this sort, I would be really grateful, and I asked several of my friends who are frequent NX customers and they agreed too. I think it's worth the investment to see only what I want to see in my chat box as a customer.

    The proposal I described above has no significant benefit for NX users, and non-NX customers, so I think it can only help to improve the quality of customer's gameplay experience on a minor level, but a helpful one at that.

    Thank you!

  2. Default Re: Smega Block - Cs Item Proposal

    This has been brought up ever since super megaphones were put in the Cash Shop.

    Nothing new, and nothing about it will change.

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    It's sad to hear even if I'm willing to throw money into buying the item - it won't fly. :(
    Thanks for the input. I can still dream.. ;(

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    Default Re: Smega Block - Cs Item Proposal

    Thing is, everyone would be willing to pay money for that.
    But then the smega whores wouldn't buy smegas. And Nexon loves their smega whores. Nexon also thinks their gacha (and other random reward) annoucements are really good advertising, and wouldn't want you blocking those, either.

    The only smega blocker that has a chance, I believe, would be an extremely temporary one. Like one hour. You'd use that when you want to boss without smegas lagging you or preventing you from talking to your squad members.

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    Let me put a spin on this. Howsabout a smega blocker... that blocks TOT'S Super megaphones? They could change the free smegas from tot's into special ones that have a tot face and a red color scheme instead of the pink regular smegas, and the blocker would only block those ones. Nexon doesn't lose out because those ones are free, players don't have to deal with spam due to new classes, and nexon makes money from it.

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    Default Re: Smega Block - Cs Item Proposal

    Or they could just change Tot's smega's into megas. A lot less spam (unless you're on ch 1... in which case you're asking for it), and still "teaches" how to use a megaphone.
    There's no direct profit from that but it does prevent people from abusing Tot's smegas (creating a new char just for the free smegas).

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    Default Re: Smega Block - Cs Item Proposal

    how about just making Tot Smegas appear only for the user sicne their purpose is just to teach players how they work and how to use them?
    Change the description to something like "only you will see this message but Super Megaphones from the Cash Shop will be broadcast to your entire world!"

  8. Default Smega Block - Cs Item Proposal

    I think that I would be very disappointed to see them add an item that blocks smegas, instead if adding something to the system settings menu.
    Just thinking about the idea that they realize how annoying smegas are, and them being willing to force their users to pay them to opt out would just be a sad thing...
    I'm just gonna stick to my imaginary world where they just haven't realized how annoying smegas are, and haven't realized that switching to specific tabs (guild, party, buddy) doesn't stop smegas from appearing on-screen.


    Also, I agree w/ that Tot's Smegas should be changed into Megaphones. They could always have the tutorial text mention smegas, and how they can 'send a message to the whole world!' instead of giving them to you directly, and it would greatly reduce the recent spam that we've been getting thanks to Tot's Guide.



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