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  1. Default Recruiting for GAUDI, Casual Guild - Winter Enrollment

    Hello Scania,
    Summer is just about ending, and I'm looking for a fresh batch of recruits for our guild GAUDI. We're a casual guild and we built up the guild to give people a chance to settle in and befriend each other. I've been really proud of our current members, and I had a nice chance to meet and talk to a variety of people. Sadly, we're at a point where people have gone inactive for a while and the guild is starting to die down.

    We're currently aligned with the Lore alliance, and I am the guild master for GAUDI. We have a relaxed sort of culture going for us so far, but I do have a few rules I'd like new recruits to keep in mind:
    • If you're contemplating leaving your guild for our guild, I don't recommend you do so - give them another chance, talk with your guild master to see what can be different for you to have a nicer time with your current guild (if you're in one). If things don't work out, let me know.
    • I won't tolerate people who instigate ks fights and expect people from our guild and alliance to back them up, handle your own crap please.
    • Of course, I won't take in people who I suspect have a lot of baggage (scamming, hacking, etc.)
    • Check our BBS for updates, there are a lot of little nice things that come up from time to time, don't miss out!
    • Keep lewd comments, and foul language to a minimum especially in the alliance chat, that goes for spamming of any kind. If someone complains, chances are it's bothering other people too.
    • A lot of our guild members work, or have school (yes even during the summer). I don't expect you to be super duper active, and I won't remove you if you let me know if you're going on hiatus.
    • Most of our players play on PST, and EST, and speak English fluently.
    • If you're new, give the guild a chance and get to know someone in the guild, that's all I ask for really.
    • I only maintain a small number of Jrs, I pick them arbitrarily, so please don't beg to be a Jr.

    If anything comes up feel free to PM me, and I'll do my best to get back at your right away.

    If you're interested in joining our guild, leave a comment below and visit our guild blog in the signature below to access the registration form. If you're worried about the links I give you, check online and make sure they're clean.


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    I will post any updates here.
    Thank you!
    07.30: We're almost done with recruitment, thank you all whoever submitted the registration form.
    08.07: Registration is nearing a close. My juniors and I are still looking over registrations. Thanks to y'all for applied.
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    Default Re: Recruiting for GAUDI, Casual Guild - Winter Enrollment

    Good luck with recruiting, madame....err sir?

    I always thought you were a girl but your southperry icon says otherwise

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    Hello ma'am, thank you! :)
    Sir, please.. but I usually go by ma'am with most people who know me online in Maplestory. I am male, sorry for the confusion!



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