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  1. Default Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger?

    Long ago I created a Demon Slayer when it first came out and got it to level 70 for the link skill. With this new update, I assumed that Demon Avenger was a completely different class and deleted my Mihile in order to create it. However, it looks exactly the same as my Demon Slayer and even lists that as the job. Are the Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger two different jobs or the same job? I want to re-make my Mihile rather than have two characters of the same job if this is the case.

  2. Default Re: Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger?

    They are different paths of the same job with completely different skill sets and link skills.

    It will look like a demon slayer until you log in and choose demon avenger after the tutorial cutscenes.

  3. Default Re: Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger?

    Demon Avenger will give you 5% total dmg at lvl 70, 10 at lvl 120, skill link. Character deck is exactly like kanna, 3% boss dmg at lvl 100.

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    Demon Avenger is mainly a HP-based class. Differs quite greatly from DS as DA uses his own HP as skill costs. Also, as said above, DA gives 10% damage at lv120 as a link skill. I've done both so I know how they work.



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