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Thread: Liu Bei Dagger

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    Where to find this anvilable beauty? Last info I could find in Google was from years ago, and not much was certain.

    I've heard Extra A's, Malasya, and others, what's the best way to find them in? Looking for one in Windia

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    I got one from Kerning City Gachapon before they made it into Gachapierrot.

    No idea if that fell under "low level equips" that they took out in the new Gachapon, but that was one source :o

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    I'm aware of that, but I also knew that it was one of the NX-lookalike items that were released as normal equip drops.

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    I saw that my friend had one but I think he's unwilling to trade it. But he might take money idk. His IGN is crimblade24.

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    Thanks I tried adding him. Just any information on where it drops from would be nice. Seems it's world-tour only, so no use trying to see monster book.

    I read that Extras and Lantern Paper Ghosts used to drop it, but they've got revamped, haven't they? Now Basil says they drop from Malasya but, Basil.

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    You could check the Monster Book to see if the former two still drop. Can't really answer about Malaysia though.

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    *Long time no playing* I totally forgot that Japan mobs were in the card codex. Yep, Extra A's drop it. Farming time I guess...



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